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Our commitments to universal inclusion


Propeller has always been a place which welcomes people from all backgrounds and sections of society. We believe that to be true leaders in what we do we need to care not only for the welfare of our team members but their families and communities.Our efforts  focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and team.



We are proud to be employers in London, New York and the UK Midlands, areas boasting diverse populations. We endeavour to offer equal opportunities and a positive experience to all employees across the full spectrum of sex, gender identity, religion, racial heritage and sexual orientation.

Our hiring processes are rigorous and we employ on the ground of meeting high standards not just in each employee’s respective fields but in behaviour and understanding towards each other.



As a creative and tech company we also understand we need to remain progressive and uphold our team and clients to the highest standards. Since day one Propeller has been working to create amazing tech solutions for clients who enhance their customers lives in turn. We are proud of the diversity they represent.