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Email marketing agency

Propeller knows that email marketing is a highly cost-effective way to keep in touch with and build relationships with customers, both old and new. Compared with other marketing approaches, it is direct and efficient because customers have given their consent to hear from you!

This form of marketing is a great way to drive sales, visits and bookings from new and existing customers through regular communication of relevant and interesting content. By setting up a bespoke strategy with Propeller, you can create campaigns that reinforce your brand and build awareness of your business.

To find out more about our software, call us on 020 7836 2736.

email marketing

Propeller Email Marketing Software

Propeller use our own proprietary email marketing program as well as other industry software to offer a complete service to our clients. Whilst designing your website, we also include a design for your email marketing template so that you are reading to start sending emails to your subscribers as soon as your site is live!

To cater for all budgets and resources, we can build, create, send out and report on your marketing. Alternatively, you can have access to our email marketing solution to send out your own campaigns.

Email marketing campaign reporting

Email marketing campaign reporting

What’s the use in sending out email marketing campaigns if you’re not going to report on it! Our specialised platform provides reporting of all of our campaigns. This includes the key statistics as well as subscriber engagement activity, what links have been clicked and who has been clicking through to your website.

We will also pull through to your Google Analytics account in order for you to fully understand your customer’s journey from start to finish. We want to enable you to judge the success of your own unique campaigns.  

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