07 November 2023

Taking Lessons from Disney in Customer Service

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Taking Lessons from Disney in Customer Service
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Taking lessons from Disney

Disney ranks among the most reputable brands worldwide, and thanks to ongoing creative innovation and a series of large-scale acquisitions, it will maintain its position as one of the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerates far into the future. 

In this article, Propeller explores how Disney take customer experience to the next level. Excellent customer service shouldn’t be delivered when customers come to complain, they should receive it from the moment they enter a website or set foot in an establishment. The consistency that this company has created online and offline is something to take notes from, find our takings below.

Taking customer experience to the next level

Renowned for its exceptional customer experience, there are several reasons why the company excels in this area:

  • Attention to Detail:

    Disney is famous for its meticulous attention to detail in its theme parks and entertainment experiences. Every aspect of the Disney experience, from the landscaping to the costumes, is carefully crafted to create a cohesive and immersive world.

  • Exceptional Staff Training:

    Disney invests heavily in training its employees, known as “cast members.” They are trained to be friendly, helpful, and attentive to guests’ needs, creating a positive and memorable experience.

  • Personalisation:

    Disney goes the extra mile to make guests feel special. From personalised greetings to custom celebrations, they make every visitor feel like a VIP.

  • Consistency:

    Disney ensures that its high service standards are consistent across all its properties and experiences, from theme parks to cruise ships. This reliability builds trust and loyalty.

  • Innovation:

    Disney is continually innovating to enhance the customer experience. They introduce new attractions, technologies, and entertainment to keep guests engaged and excited.

  • Storytelling:

    Disney is a master of storytelling, and this skill is evident in everything they do. The narratives woven into their attractions and entertainment create emotional connections with visitors.

  • Accessibility:

    Disney makes a concerted effort to accommodate guests with disabilities. Their attention to accessibility ensures that everyone can enjoy the magic of Disney.

  • Cleanliness and Safety:

    Disney parks are known for their cleanliness and safety. These factors are crucial for ensuring that guests can relax and enjoy their visit without worry.

  • Efficient Operations:

    Disney employs robust operational strategies to minimise wait times and streamline the guest experience. FastPasses, mobile apps, and innovative queue management systems contribute to this efficiency.

  • Continuous Improvement:

    Disney constantly solicits feedback from guests and uses it to improve. They are committed to evolving and adapting to changing customer expectations.

In Summary

Disney’s success in delivering an exceptional customer experience is attributed to their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and their dedication to creating magical moments for every guest. 

These elements, combined with their exceptional staff and attention to detail, make Disney a global leader in customer experience.

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