18 October 2023

Google Streamlines First-Party Data Management With New Tool: Google Ads Data Manager

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Google Streamlines First-Party Data Management With New Tool: Google Ads Data Manager
Joey TrumanWritten ByJoey Truman

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Aiming to simplify and enhance the management of first-party customer data for digital marketing campaigns, Google has announced the launch of a new tool: Google Ads Data Manager. 

The unveiling of this tool comes for those aiming to reduce their dependence on third-party data. Collecting data directly from customers increases both the value and reliability of this information.

First-party data acquired directly from consumers offers a more accurate and robust understanding of consumer behaviour. Particularly when compared to data obtained from external sources, such as browser cookies. Despite the potential advantages, Google has found that under a third of marketers currently harness first-party data.

Google Ads Data Manager is designed to address this gap by providing a unified platform within Google Ads. In turn, this will allow data analysts and marketers to collaborate seamlessly. Analysts can establish new data integrations, while marketers can leverage this data to measure conversions and personalise ads. 

Unlike previous methods that often required duplicated efforts between analysts and engineers to write custom queries, Google’s platform streamlines the process. This will eliminate the need for coding and reduce the complexity of leveraging data in marketing campaigns.

Key Details of Google Ads Data Manager

Unified Collaboration Platform

Google Ads Data Manager serves as a unified platform, where data analysts and marketers can work together effectively. Analysts can set up new data integrations, and marketers can utilise this data for measurement and targeting.

Elimination of Coding Requirement

Unlike traditional methods that require custom queries and coding, Google Ads Data Manager simplifies the process by eliminating the need for coding. By removing this technical barrier, it is simpler than ever for marketers to leverage data in their campaigns.

Future Integrations 

The tool has plans to integrate customer data from major platforms such as Salesforce and Lytics, enabling brands to seamlessly incorporate audience profiles and analytics repositories into their campaigns.

Connectors for Data Accessibility

Google is actively developing connectors to help businesses access their data, irrespective of where it is stored. This feature enhances the accessibility and usability of first-party data for marketing purposes.

Availability and Future Plans

Google envisions a full launch of Ads Data Manager in 2024, initially focusing on core features such as conversion measurement and customer list activation within Google Ads. Subsequent updates will extend support to other advertising products, including YouTube.

Strategic Importance of First-Party Data

With privacy concerns leading to increased restrictions on third-party data usage, companies that invest in cultivating direct relationships and first-party data with customers are poised for future success. Google Ads Data Manager is strategically positioned to facilitate this transition, providing marketers with a powerful tool to manage and utilise their first-party data effectively.

In summary

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, tools like Google Ads Data Manager underscore the importance of first-party data in building transparent data practices, fostering consumer trust, and navigating the changing terrain of data privacy and usage.

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