16 November 2023

Google Search Updates: New Ways to Utilise Search

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Google Search Updates: New Ways to Utilise Search
Annabel GibsonWritten ByAnnabel Gibson

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In the words of Google, “Search will never be a solved problem; it continues to evolve and improve alongside our world and the web. “ As search evolves, so does Google. 

In their latest batch, Google Search updates bring improvements to help users locate information that’s most relevant to them, no matter how unique or individual their question. 

The latest Google Search updates…

Tailoring the Search experience

Google is also introducing the ability to follow searches for regular updates on topics of interest and is planning to highlight information about individual content creators within search results. Furthermore, Google will prioritise frequently visited sites in specific search queries, enhancing personalised search experiences​. 

Notes: a firsthand perspective

Google has introduced a feature allowing users to create and read “Notes” on web pages through Google Search. This innovative approach aims to surface authentic, human content, leveraging insights from both experts and everyday users ​.

Historically, Google Search primarily directed users to relevant web pages. Now, it’s leaping forward by integrating human perspectives directly into search results, responding to the growing demand for human-generated content as evidenced by the popularity of queries appended with “Reddit”​.

Notes are designed to provide practical tips and advice. They can range from recommendations on neighbourhoods in a new city to culinary tips, such as adjusting spice levels in recipes.

The feature allows for the addition of text, images, and animated stickers to Notes, with several backgrounds and colour adjustments available. 

In Summary

​Google’s ‘Notes’ represents a significant step in the evolution of online search and information sharing. By seamlessly integrating human insights into search results, Google is enhancing the relevance and utility of its search engine for users worldwide. This feature has the promise to transform how we interact with and benefit from the wealth of information available online. 

Currently, the Notes feature is available as an opt-in experiment for Google app users in the US and India. This initial phase is crucial for Google to gather user feedback and refine the feature before a broader rollout​.