15 August 2023

Optimising your hospitality technology for staff shortages

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Optimising your hospitality technology for staff shortages
Lauren PitmanWritten ByLauren Pitman

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Technology can’t completely replace staff headcounts- for the foreseeable. However, for business owners in hospitality, there are ways to reduce the pressure and maximise profitability over the summer period.

Google search demand analysis shows that searches for catering and hospitality jobs have fallen by 56% in comparison to July 2022.

Continuing our exploration of hospitality technology, this week Propeller takes it to the next level. This article investigates how hospitality venues can utilise the technology available to them to combat summer staff shortages.

How to optimise the hospitality technology available

Explore online menu solutions to reduce the pressure on waiting staff

Electronic Point of Sale, or EPOS systems, are digital payment systems that enable businesses to process payments, interact with customers and store data. A good EPOS system will streamline order-taking, and reduce the pressure on staff. With QR codes, customers can order what they want from their phones, cutting out the middleman and sending orders directly to the kitchen. 

Removing the service element from ordering may not be the solution of choice for all hospitality venues. However, adopting this technology to create online menus can still reduce some pressure on venues that are understaffed.

Track covers and footfall to operate with efficiency

 While no day is the same in the hospitality industry, tracking footfall trends gives managers an advantage.

Getting a better understanding of when a venue has quieter periods allows managers to create more accurate staff schedules. This data provides the most accurate expectations for a typical week at a venue.

Invest in reservation reminders

Nothing can damage a venue’s takings like customers not honouring their bookings. Every cover is important to a venue’s takings, and there is nothing more frustrating than no-shows and last-minute cancellations. 

Automated reservation reminders are a cost-effective way to reduce this common problem. Not only does it remind customers to honour their booking or cancel it in advance, but it also reduces the need for staff to manually call to confirm.

Reservation reminders are just the beginning, too. As discussed in the previous article, automated deposit schemes and booking systems reduce no-shows and can give a monetary boost to venues that are let down by customers.

Stay up to date with inventory management

Advanced inventory management software gives real-time insights into stock levels and ingredient use. In turn, this allows managers to prevent waste, make informed menu adjustments based on demand and ensure venues are well-equipped.

This is particularly important as cost-of-living prices continue to rise. Installing a technology solution will help kitchen and catering staff stay on top of inventory management.

Take a data-led approach to menu reduction

When trying to maximise profit while also working on a reduced headcount, recent sales or EPOS data can spot trends on popular menu items. This technology can also help identify which dishes provide the most profitable return. This will enable managers to create a reduced menu that allows teams to work more efficiently while struggling with staff shortages.

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In summary

Staff shortages aren’t easy in the hospitality industry. However, by optimising the technology that is currently available, restaurant managers can make operations far more efficient.