12 June 2024

Making Golf Resort Marketing a Hole in One

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Making Golf Resort Marketing a Hole in One
Matthew RichardsonWritten ByMatthew Richardson

Matthew has been with us from the early days. As our Chief Growth Officer, he has been instrumental in expanding both the team and the services we offer.

In the age of artificial intelligence, countless industries have already embraced digital transformations, bringing companies ahead and generating increased revenue across the board. In this article, Propeller explores an industry that is lagging in this area, the golf resort industry, and what specific golf resort marketing methods should be adopted to optimise a company’s image and encourage economic growth.

Word-of-mouth and paper guides are a thing of the past, as the golf industry experiences a digital revolution, it is time for marketers in this industry to channel their efforts into the online. With a hoard of data now available at our fingertips, golfers can make informed decisions about where to play and which golf clubs offer the best experiences. With that in mind, it is crucial for golf resorts, clubs and brands to be present online.

Making the most of what digital has to offer

Utilising online channels is essential for golf resorts to thrive, and should be the basis of marketing as they offer numerous advantages for reaching target audiences directly.

Digital Marketing techniques can benefit golf resorts in the following ways:


Reaching new audiences


There is no doubt that the digital realm allows clubs to generate greater demand and attract new players who are not familiar with their offering. Reaching new customers gives the potential for resorts to increase its membership base, which in turn will guarantee further bookings and revenue in the future.


Enhancing the golf course’s online reputation


Bookings and purchases are now primarily completed online, so giving customers a premium booking and checkout experience is essential. Companies must be consistent in presenting a strong experience online that reflects their brand offering offline. Creating a premium experience will make it more straightforward for customers to book a course, as well as improving their trust of a company.

If you’re looking to improve your online booking experience offering, Propeller boats a brilliant team of developers with a proven track record of building dynamic products for our fantastic clients. Want to see for yourself? Head over to The Celtic Collection, home of The Celtic Manor Resort that boats world-class facilities with award-winning dining, spa and golf facilities… They even hosted the Ryder Cup in 2010. We worked with the Celtic team to develop their websites and integrate a smooth booking experience platform that enables guests to book rooms, golf courses and beyond.


Club sales and reservations increase


Promoting special offers and spreading them on social media can increase demand and attract more golfers. The number of green fees sold will increase as a result.


Analysing and measuring results


By taking advantage of digital platforms, marketers can understand the impact of their marketing campaigns, from what social media channels are delivering to what email campaign style performs better.

Building an Impactful digital strategy for golf resort marketing

When planning the digital marketing strategy for a golf company, we’ve found the following three steps to be a great way to kick off…

  1. Decide on your key performance indicators
  2. Understand your target audience and the new generations coming up
  3. Allocate budget and resources

As players’ consumption patterns change and golfers increasingly demand personalised experiences, this holistic approach to strategy will provide a framework for action.

Other key areas to consider in your strategy generation include:

  • Social media strategy
  • Website development, design and content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Harnessing data to drive personalisation


In Summary…


As golfers become increasingly tech-savvy, its time for golf resorts, clubs, clothing companies and more to sharpen their digital marketing strategies. Luckily, with Propeller on hand to help, we can advise with confidence how to develop and activate a golf resort marketing plan to boost companies beyond their competitors and become leaders in their industries. 


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