02 May 2024

Retention Rate is the New Engagement Rate: Why Keeping Users Comes First

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Retention Rate is the New Engagement Rate: Why Keeping Users Comes First
Aurélie BrunetWritten ByAurélie Brunet

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In the world of web analytics, engagement metrics have long been king. Tracking likes, shares, comments – all signs a user is actively interacting with your brand. But here’s the truth for today’s digital experts: Retention rate is the new engagement rate.

Don’t get us wrong, engagement is still important. It’s the initial spark that draws users in. But a user who taps “like” once and disappears isn’t driving long-term value. Retention is about building loyalty, keeping users coming back, and ultimately, turning them into advocates for your brand.

Here’s why retention should be your new north star metric:

  • Engagement Doesn’t Guarantee Loyalty: A user who spends hours scrolling through your social media feed isn’t necessarily a loyal customer. They might just be easily distracted. Retention shows users who find true value in your product or service and keep coming back for more.
  • Focus on Lifetime Value: Engaged users might not convert into paying customers. Retention looks beyond the initial interaction and focuses on users who become part of your long-term ecosystem, driving recurring revenue and boosting your lifetime value.
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs: Acquiring new users is expensive. Retaining existing ones is far more cost-effective. By focusing on keeping users happy and engaged, you save resources and build a sustainable business model.

So, How Do We Make Retention Rate the Priority?

  • Shifting your focus to retention requires a data-driven approach. Here are some key strategies:
    • Track the Right Metrics: Go beyond basic engagement metrics. Look at in-app purchases, repeat visits, sign-ups for premium services – all indicators of user commitment.
    • Personalise the User Journey: Tailor your communication and offerings to each user’s needs and behaviour. This builds a deeper connection and increases the value they perceive in your brand.
    • Prioritise User Feedback: Actively solicit and respond to user feedback. Address pain points, improve the user experience, and show users you care about their long-term satisfaction.
    • Nurture Relationships: Don’t let interactions drop off. Use targeted email campaigns, loyalty programs, and exclusive offers to keep users engaged and coming back for more.

    By prioritising retention, you’re building a sustainable business model that thrives on loyal customers. Remember, a single, highly engaged user who disappears might look good on a vanity metric, but a user who consistently finds value in your product or service – that’s the user worth keeping. Make retention your new engagement rate, and watch your business flourish.

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