08 February 2024

Transforming Hospitality: The Rise of Robots and Automation in the Guest Experience

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Transforming Hospitality: The Rise of Robots and Automation in the Guest Experience
Matthew RichardsonWritten ByMatthew Richardson

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The integration of robots and automation is on the way to revolutionising the way guests experience hospitality services. From front-of-house interactions to behind-the-scenes operations, these technological advancements are enhancing efficiency, personalisation, and overall guest satisfaction. In this article, we’ve picked some of our favourite innovative use cases of robots and automation in hospitality.

Moley Robotics

Their focus is on providing adaptable and customised robotic kitchens for various industries, including hotels, restaurants, healthcare, education, and care homes. The automation of processes aims to reduce costs while ensuring the delivery of healthy and freshly cooked gourmet food safely and efficiently. The relevance of this vision was emphasised in the context of the global Coronavirus pandemic, highlighting the need for contactless services to address hygiene concerns.


Connie, the Hilton Robot Concierge

Leveraging an artificial intelligence platform crafted by IBM, Hilton piloted a robot concierge named Connie. Connie stands out with its ability to engage with guests and provide responses to their inquiries, thanks to its advanced speech recognition capabilities. Notably, the system continuously learns and adjusts with each interaction, enhancing the quality of the answers it offers over time.


Drone beer delivery

A playful yet not very practical use of a drone for beer delivery… But we couldn’t write this without sharing this fun video.


Autonomous Delivery with Starship

Starship Technologies is using autonomous delivery robots to revolutionise local delivery. Delivering items such as groceries, food takeaways and packages, Starship  now operates in over 60 locations across the world. 

In summary...

While robotics aren’t quite as Back to the Future predicted, it’s fair to say that they have come far and are continually evolving. Robots and automation in hospitality may grow in mainstream use as companies consider where automation will streamline efficiency.

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