10 July 2024

Highlights from Shopify Edition Summer 24

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Highlights from Shopify Edition Summer 24
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Twice a year, we’ve grown accustomed to Shopify releasing a fantastic range of updates for users of their platform. What we haven’t gotten used to, however, is the sheer magnitude of each drop. The latest Shopify Edition Summer 24 release is no exception. 

With an overarching theme of unity present in most of the updates, this launch sees a lot of apps and integrations that were previously separate, come together in one centralised place, making it easier than ever for vendors to manage their business through Shopify.

Without further ado, here are some of our favourite parts:

Markets, Reimagined

Formerly a cross-border selling solution, will now be a one-stop shop for growth and expansion. Shopify’s update means Markets is now a central command centre that allows you to customise buyer experiences for:

  • Selling internationally
  • Moving into B2B
  • Selling in-person with Shopify POS

These functions were previously spread across the Shopify platform. Markets consolidates everything into one location in your admin. Say goodbye to navigating multiple stores or different workflows.

AI Built for Commerce

The most valuable asset for any entrepreneur? Time, of course. With this in mind, Shopify has embedded AI across its platform to save your hours while keeping your business at the forefront of innovation. 

Media Editor

In the last drop, Shopify rolled out AI image generation, to build on this progress they are now extending AI image editing capabilities to everywhere in your admin where you use images, like the Online Store Editor and Email Editor. They will also be expanding this tool to the mobile app for those who need to make professional edits on the go. 

AI-Powered Product Creation

Using Magic, users can now add new products to their store faster than ever before. Magic suggests personalised recommendations across all product categories. It can automatically assess products and assign the right attributes to it, such as colour, shape and size. This speeds up the uploading process and reduces listing errors.


Sidekick, Shopify’s AI-enabled ecommerce assistant can now understand your products, orders and customers, enabling it to help suggest customer segments and guide users to insights and analytics. 

In Summary…

Shopify Editions Summer 24 does not disappoint! Packed with a range of updates sure to satisfy every user, there’s no time like the present to explore what it has to offer. 

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