05 September 2023

Getting to grips with Shopify Editions 23

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Getting to grips with Shopify Editions 23
Mark LillicrappWritten ByMark Lillicrapp

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Every six months, the eCommerce industry has come to anticipate an update from Shopify. Shopify Editions brings with it hundreds of innovations, updates and improvements to the platform, all in one neat package. Shopify Editions 23 is no exception.

What are Shopify Editions?

Shopify Editions is a semi-annual showcase of Shopify updates presented by, you guessed it, Shopify. Over 100 new products and features are included that will boost website performance, including the use of AI and improving checkouts.

What to look out for in Shopify Editions 23

With edits to their B2B offering as well as the highly anticipated arrival of subscription and bundle apps to boost customer sales, Shopify Editions 23 is proving to be one of their most exciting yet. Here are some highlights to look out for:


Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of innovation over the past year, and Shopify has taken this on board with its latest edition. Shopify has combined its expertise with the latest AI innovations to accelerate the future of commerce. They are at the frontline of building tools to simplify complex needs. With this update, brands can do more than ever before with their e-commerce stores.

Shopify Magic

From helping you with product descriptions to writing emails, Shopify Magic harnesses AI to maximise your business potential.

FAQs have never been easier. Shopify Magic combines the latest innovations in AI with Shopify’s data. This means users can create instant answers to manage the most common questions asked by customers.

Checkout Boost conversion with Shopify Checkout – Shopify’s conversion rate outpaces the competition by up to 36%. Customize your checkout even more with new UI extensions and APIs.


The Shopify Bundles app allows brands to create fixed bundles and multipacks for customers to select. Seamlessly integrated into the admin, this first-party app has the potential to increase average order values for vendors.


Shopify has introduced Sidekick, a commerce assistant, or chatbot, that uses AI to offer personalised, contextually relevant support for a range of tasks.

Flex sections

Creating unique layouts for online stores is easier than ever with the introduction of flexible sections. These have been designed to allow users to drag and drop, re-size, group, edit, and more.

In the ‘add section’ users can preview and customise blocks to create bespoke sections for pages. This update makes it easier to manipulate blocks and sections by resizing, dragging and dropping.  

B2B features

For those using Shopify Plus, there are new B2B features to take advantage of. Some of the key new B2B features are:

  • Native volume pricing
  • Storing B2B customers’ credit cards
  • PayPal support for B2B
  • Quick order lists
  • Storefront customizations in theme editor for B2B clients (see next)

Shopify subscriptions app

Subscriptions remain a huge trend in e-commerce. There are dozens of third-party subscription solutions on the App Store, and most of them use the Shopify native API. However, a significant drawback is that most of them are also paid.

With the new Shopify Subscriptions app, customers can subscribe to products for free. Customers will also be able to perform basic subscription actions (cancel, pause, update payment details) directly through their account.

In summary

Shopify Editions 23 has introduced over 100 new product updates. This Edition shows continued support for brands building their online presence and increasing their conversion, and giving developers greater control to push boundaries. 

The primary focus is on reimagining businesses through using AI in commerce. The launch of features like Shopify Magic and the introduction of Sidekick will make a huge difference for brands. 

Overall, the latest Editions was a significant leap forward for Shopify providing businesses with more tools and resources to thrive in the e-commerce space. 

As a proud Shopify Plus agency, we are excited to assist our clients with onboarding some of the amazing new features and boosting their Shopify experience.

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