13 June 2024

Slow Living: A Trend Golf Resorts Should Act On Now

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Slow Living: A Trend Golf Resorts Should Act On Now
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We’ve been doing a deep dive into all things golf lately, and a trend we’re big fans of is slow living – one that perfectly complements the lives of many golfers.

In today’s overwhelming world, there is a real need to disconnect and focus on the things that bring us joy. That’s where slow living comes in. It’s all about being present, taking your time, and appreciating the simple things.

So, how can golf brands tap into this trend? We’ll explore that in this article, along with tips on how to integrate slow living principles into your digital marketing strategy. Read on to learn how to attract golfers who are looking to unwind, recharge, and connect with the game they love.

Slow living 101

During our time researching, we found that there is not one universally accepted definition of this concept. To us, it is about living with intention and being mindful of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Curating a meaningful and conscious lifestyle that is in life with what you value in life gets to the crux of this concept, and with that definition in mind, it’s hard to see why we aren’t all already on board with slow living.

In this sense, slow living is about doing everything at the right speed for you. Instead of trying to do things faster, it focuses on doing things better. Often, that means slowing down, doing less, and prioritising spending the right amount of time on the things that matter most to you.

How does this come into the golfing industry?

Golf is one of life’s simple pleasures, it’s not a fast sport, it’s one to be enjoyed. More than just a game, golf brings with it an element of social. From getting together with old friends for a catch-up to company away days, charity fundraisers and more, golf offers a lifestyle that many of its advocates enjoy.

The pandemic resulted in more of us adopting digital technology to enhance our day-to-day lives. But alongside this shift came the contrasting movement of slow-living. In 2020, there was a 4X increase in views of videos with “slow living” in the title compared to the year before. Slow living isn’t something that has left lives as the world has picked up its pace in the post-pandemic climate.

While golf is a staple that resorts can have a great deal of confidence in, as we look forward, there may be other aspects of slow-living that enhance the ‘new normal’ experience. Wellness, escapism, mindfulness and achievement tie into this lifestyle.

Looking into the golfing industry, marketers must ask:

  • Does your resort provide services and amenities that appeal to these themes? 
  • Does it showcase wildlife and a connection to nature?
  • How can you add value to your offering with these concepts in mind?


Selling slow living to your audience

Resorts must turn their attention to attracting new customers and building their relationships with returning ones. Before continuing with the same strategy as before to do this, marketers should be careful not to dismiss the exponential growth in slow living and the role it could play in an impactful content strategy.

Whether you film a culinary experience video with the head chef, a wildlife walk in the woods, or a yoga class with the on-site instructor, this authentic, aspirational content that celebrates the serenity and slow living credentials your resort has to offer will add value for your golfing customers, and to bookings. Where golfing may have previously been interesting to only one member of a family, the additional amenities of a golf resort now being highlighted may entice family bookings.

In Summary…

Slow living presents a welcome opportunity for golf resorts to establish their offering on a commercial level. By understanding the appeal of slowing down and enjoying what life has to offer, hotels, clubs and more can appeal to a wider audience and build deep and meaningful relationships with their audiences. For more information on Propeller’s services in this area, take a look at our Golf Website Design.

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