02 July 2024

A Definitive Guide to TikTok Search Analytics

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A Definitive Guide to TikTok Search Analytics
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The past few years have witnessed great debate over TikTok, and whether or not it is a credible search engine. The launch of TikTok search analytics however, should put this debate to bed. Users can now understand traffic sources to their content, and key metrics including:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Average position

In turn, content creators can create targeted content and track its performance. This is important in understanding what content resonates with your audience, based on follower demographics (age, gender, location) and when they’re most active.

This information can be used to inform your content calendar, best posting times and collaboration opportunities with relevant influencers.

Why are TikTok search analytics important for my business?

Using TikTok’s latest tools will help you stay up to date with trends, while also allowing you to dive deeper into your insights and identify your audiences specific behaviours and preferences. Here are some other important reasons using TikTok search analytics is important:

Create data-driven content strategies

Building a data-driven marketing strategy has never been easier, TikTok search analytics will pinpoint your most engaged-with videos and uncover information about your audience, like their location and activity.

The insights you receive from this tool can then inform your future content strategy: topics, best posting times, potential collaborations, relevant trends and more.

Connect with your audience

TikTok boasts a community-oriented nature, allowing brands to cater to their niches. TikTok search analytics gives users the insights needed to build content that leaves a lasting impression on their target audience. For example, reviewing hashtags will assist in determining trends and inspire TikTok challenges and campaigns.

Prove ROI

TikTok’s data can give you the evidence you need to prove your ROI. This was previously a painpoint for users trying to show the relevance of this platform for their company. Now, users can collect compelling data and justify any need for increased resources or allocation of budget for their campaigns. 

TikTok insights and metrics to track your progress

Here is a breakdown of what’s available in TikTok search analytics:

TikTok account overview

In the account overview section, users can get a broad understanding of their account’s standing. 

  • Video views: Video views shows how many times your video has been viewed over a 7 day period. Users also have the option to see their video’s engagement over the last 28 days, 60 days or a custom range to develop a deeper understanding of your growth, fluctuations or trends.
  • Profile views: This area presents the number of profile views your account has received over 7, 28, 60 or a custom date range. This helps users to identify the type of content that is driving people to their profile.

Follower analytics

This is all about your follower statistics. In this area, users can gain in-depth information about their audience demographics.  Using this information to guide your strategy will help users reach more followers. 

  • Followers: This presents the total number of accounts that follow you alongside your net followers. Net followers are the number of new followers minus the number of unfollows in the past 7 days.
  • Growth rate: Understand the total number of followers you gained or lost compared to the previous date range.
  • Gender: A basic pie chart showing your audience by gender.
  • Age demographics: Your followers by age group.
  • Top countries and cities: The top 5 cities and countries in which your followers are located.
  • Most active times: Discover when your audience are online to guide your posting schedule. Content schedulers should aim to post content directly before user activity spikes.

Content analytics

Next up, is the content tab. This presents more specific information about the content you’re publishing. All content metrics are only available for the previous 7 days.

  • Video posts: See the views for the last 9 videos that you posted (within the last 7 days). In this section, users can also see if they have stayed on par with, or posted more or less than with their previous 7 days.
  • Trending videos: This section shows the top 9 videos with the fastest growth in view numbers over the past 7 days.
  • Video views by section or region: Find out how people found your video (through your profile or if it appeared on your audience’s ‘For You’ feed). Understand what regions your video is reaching to see where your content performs best.
  • Average watch time: The is the average length of time viewers stay watching your video. This is a great indicator of how engaging our videos are to your audience.
  • Total play time: Find the cumulative watch time for everyone what has viiewed your video. This is most helpful in comparing the performance of your videos.

TikTok LIVE analytics

If you click on the TikTok LIVE tab, you will be directed to the LIVE centre. If you have hosted any live videos over the past 28 days, you will be able to see:

  • Total views: The number of viewers within your selected date range
  • Total time: The time you’ve spent hosting videos within your selected date range
  • New followers: TikTok users who started following you while you were hosting a live video within your selected date range
  • Top viewer count: The highest number of viewers you reached while hosting a live video.
  • Unique viewers: Viewers who watched your live at least once.
  • Viewer ranking: This ranks the viewers by the highest gift count and watch time.

In Summary…

For companies and individuals using TikTok to grow their audience, TikTok search analytics offers a brilliant set of insights to showcase your progress. It also allows users to understand their target audience on a deeper level, from what content they prefer to watch to which hashtags and influencers they look towards. 

Every brand is fighting for attention online, and TikTok’s array of tools could be the key to tapping into this social media platform and harnessing it for exponential growth.

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