29 January 2018

How to find the perfect location… Location Department

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How to find the perfect location… Location Department
Lauren PitmanWritten ByLauren Pitman

Lauren is the Lead Project Management at Propeller, responsible for creating great client-relationships and delivering results on-time.

A digital hub for best-in-class photoshoot locations.

Location Department has been the premiere resource for photoshoot locations in the New York City area and beyond for decades. The agency sought a relaunch and rebrand to elevate their online presence that matched their level of service and the standards of the fashion industry. A partnership was fused with Propeller to rethink branding, design, content strategy, and overall user experience, so producers and photographers could browse through the 1000s of beautiful properties to book for all means of fashion, film, and advertising needs.

We assessed Location Department’s requirements from a perspective of both functionality and form – creating a captivating and engaging design that was also intuitive and heavily optimised for complex search queries. A discovery period with the agency revealed the many different scenarios experienced by their audience in the quest for the perfect property, informing our design and development to be fully immersed with every type of user, particularly a producer in the fashion industry. With this information, we married clean design with highly intelligent development.

And what did we create?

A tailored design in collaboration with a local artist, delivering a clear journey for both casual browsers and serious searchers.

Fully customizable regions allow the agency to tell the stories of the properties and shooting locations, hinting at the  possibilities of their productions while also encouraging in-depth search.

Search functionality geared towards drawing the user to the many facets of shooting locations, from the broadest queries to the most narrow, ensuring each user finds exactly what they’re looking for.

Practical yet beautiful location profiles showcase pertinent information and high resolution imagery, casting each property in the best light while providing all of the details needed to assess the best fit for a producer’s requirements.

An advanced CMS for a high level of flexibility for content management and organization.

Channels of communication for users to easily contact the agency for both booking inquiries and clients hoping to feature their property via customized forms.


Browse the new website here: www.locationdepartment.net

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