23 September 2016

Winners of Best Restaurant/ Pub User Experience with Zizzi

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Winners of Best Restaurant/ Pub User Experience with Zizzi
Annabel GibsonWritten ByAnnabel Gibson

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The Digital Vision Awards (DIVAs), ran by The Caterer, celebrates the best and most innovative content and technology in the hospitality industry and we are honoured to be part of such an amazing community.

Website relaunch

We’ve being working with Zizzi for over 5 years,and in this time the brand has grown significantly – now with over 140 restaurants in the UK and Ireland. We continue to work together to establish what online success looks like for Zizzi as a brand.

This June we relaunched Zizzi’s website , alongside their innovative new menu, and already there has been some incredible feedback, including an article by eConsultancy, describing the website as ‘One of the most creative chain restaurant websites out there’.

As well as looking incredible, the website had to function in the right way for Zizzi and it’s customers, therefore the planning and strategy stages were key to the success of the website. The ‘digitally informed homepage’ was born out of a year’s worth of data, studying user flow and interaction from their previous site, and the unique design succeeds in holding its own. The user- experience is at the forefront of the digital journey. From the menu filtering, booking API integration and promotional system, bespoke options are always chosen over standard off the shelf alternatives. Meaning that the website works seamlessly for Zizzi and its’ customers’ individual needs.


By working together to identify KPIs for the strategy we had in place, we are all clear about what we are working towards before embarking on the new website project. The results of the website have been outstanding, with Zizzi recording an increase in the number of individual restaurant bookings. Their booking conversion rate for the site regularly surpasses 10% on a monthly basis – far exceeding the industry average of 4-5%.

Following launch, the offers page was ranking as the 3rd most popular page on the website. The site traffic had increased by an incredible 30% from the previous period, with booking increasing by a massive 10%. Whichever way you look at the new website it has been a complete success, continuing to grow as Zizzi evolve and develop their offer.

“The judges were impressed by Zizzi’s ability to better understand customer behaviour, engagement and spending habits, while visibility on downloads v redemptions data provides insight into the appetite for specific offers. And the real-time integration with Eagle Eye Solutions means Zizzi can respond to business needs and demand – launching new offers and promotional material to the live site within minutes.”

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