21 May 2024

5 Workshop Icebreakers to Break the Mould

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5 Workshop Icebreakers to Break the Mould
Ava PannellWritten ByAva Pannell

Ava is the Head of Strategy at Propeller, leading client workshops and building tailored strategy internally and externally.

Workshop facilitators, we’ve all been there. You’ve got a room full of participants, some brimming with enthusiasm, others clinging to their morning coffee for dear life. How do you bridge that gap and create a space for connection and learning? Enter the mighty workshop icebreakers!

A well-chosen icebreaker can be the difference between a sluggish start and an engaged, energetic workshop. Here at Propeller, we’re all about fostering dynamic learning environments. So, ditch the awkward silence and try out these five icebreakers to kickstart your next workshop:

Shared Superpowers

This icebreaker is perfect for workshops with a specific theme. Instead of statements, create a list of superpowers related to the workshop topic. For example, for a social media marketing workshop, superpowers could include “Content Contortionist” or “Engagement Enchanter.” Participants mingle and find others who possess the superpower they’d most like to have in the context of the workshop. This sparks conversation and reveals shared goals, setting the stage for a collaborative atmosphere.

Two Truths and a Lie (Workshop Edition)

This classic gets a workshop makeover! Participants write down three statements about themselves – two true and one false, all related to the workshop theme. They then share these statements with the group, who have to guess the lie. It’s a fun way to learn something unexpected about your fellow participants while keeping the content relevant.

Collaborative Building Challenge

Challenge your group’s creativity and teamwork with a simple building challenge. Provide participants with basic materials like straws, paperclips, and playdough. Set a time limit and task them with building the tallest structure or the most creative object. This activity fosters communication, problem-solving, and a touch of friendly competition.

Prop Box Challenge

This icebreaker is a fantastic way to introduce participants in a short amount of time and highlight the diverse range of skills and knowledge they bring to the workshop, all with the help of a fun prop! Find a box filled with random objects (think pool noodles, tin foil, googly eyes, etc.). Divide the participants into pairs. Give them five minutes to chat and use the objects in the box to create a miniature representation of something related to the workshop theme. This could be a new product design, a problem-solving strategy, or a metaphor for a key concept. After five minutes, have each pair present their creation to the group and explain the thinking behind it. This activity gets everyone using their imaginations, working together, and thinking creatively about the workshop content.

Would You Rather? Workshop Edition:

Create a list of “Would You Rather?” questions related to the workshop theme. For example, in a customer service workshop, you could ask, “Would you rather deal with an angry customer in person or over email?” Pose the questions to the group and have them discuss their choices. This sparks debate, encourages critical thinking, and playfully introduces key workshop concepts.

In Summary…

Remember, the best icebreakers are fun, inclusive, and relevant to your workshop content. So, get creative, have some fun, and watch your workshop participants transform from strangers to a collaborative learning team!

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