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Hospitality Unleashed
Unlock the Secrets to Success

Conversations with marketing and digital leaders

Go behind the scenes with Marketing and Digital leaders in Hospitality.

Our exclusive series grants you access to their winning strategies, the tech shaping the future of the industry, predictions for what’s ahead and practical guidance to help you future-proof your business.

What you'll get from the series

Gain insider knowledge

Learn successful marketing and digital strategies from industry leaders.

Stay ahead of the curve

Discover the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of hospitality.

Actionable insights

Get practical tips and strategies you can implement in your own business.

Hear from experts

Access exclusive interviews with renowned marketing and digital leaders.

Event Highlight

Episode 1: Discover how Searcys leverages digital to attract new customers across diverse venues

Anna Fenten, Marketing Director at Searcys

Watch our conversation with Anna to learn:

  • How to productise service offerings and experiences to increase revenue in hospitality
  • The importance of embracing experimentation and new technologies
  • The role of creativity and brand affinity

Anna Fenten, Marketing Director at Searcys

Episode 2: Uncover the secrets to becoming an innovative hospitality business

Simon Allison, Marketing Communications Director at TVG Hospitality

Watch our conversation with Simon to learn:

  • Strategies for marketers to stay innovative and maintain a competitive edge in hospitality
  • How to effectively balance short-term and long-term marketing goals
  • How to adapt strategies to changing customer preferences in the digital space

Simon Allison, Marketing Communications Director at TVG Hospitality

Episode 3: Learn how to unlock growth and loyalty through the power of data and personalisation

Watch our conversation with Jenny to learn:

  • The importance of data in successful digital campaigns and the metrics to measure success
  • How Young’s is using data for personalised digital experiences that drive loyalty and acquisition.
  • Building a an agile and adaptable team.

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