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Accelerated digital transformation for LEON restaurant group

Accelerated digital transformation for LEON restaurant group

The Feed Britain store was launched by the LEON restaurant group to sell fresh produce, shelf goods and other food items in London during the pandemic. The site also incorporated a social impact element through the collection of donations for NHS workers at checkout.

There was a fulfilment restriction as deliveries were limited to specific London postcodes, which required the implementations of Shopify scripts to enable this and validate orders by postcode. We also partnered with Shopify partners Yotpo and Klaviyo to gather reviews and for flow driven, automated email campaigns.

The launch of the store was in response to the immediate and significant change in consumer needs with social distancing and lockdown measures being brought in across the UK. Fast decisions were made by the LEON restaurants team to evolve the brand and the offering to continue to deliver healthy and convenient food options through this new channel.

COVID-19 has created the need to pivot for a huge number of restaurant, food and beverage brands which has led to a significant acceleration of digital adoption in the delivery and direct to consumer segment. Consumer search trends and purchase behaviours changed virtually overnight but these behaviour changes have been gradually infiltrating the market over recent years as consumers interests and expectations have begun to shift in recent years with the growth of D2C and delivery platforms across a number of market segments.

Not only did the development of Feed Britain focus on the core values of the LEON restaurants brand but responded to communities needs in real time in terms of both consumer demand and support for the NHS through the donation capability of the site. The team took the opportunity to think big and transform their operation to match customer expectations in a new digital infrastructure.