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apple maps

5 easy steps to adding your business to Apple Maps

Apple Maps are back and this time they might just get you to the correct location.

Back in 2012 when Apple first released their maps feature, things didn’t exactly go in the right direction – finding yourself at a dead end or the edge of a bridge somewhere was always a concern.

But!! Things have changed. Apple have dusted themselves off and they’re back in the map app battle with Google.

So what’s new?

They’ve spent time refining their place information, with data pulling through from Booking.com and Trip Advisor.

Getting around on public transport should be easy now that their transit directions have had some attention.

Their Flyover feature allows you to explore the world from a whole new virtual perspective.

And they haven’t stopped there. If you swipe right on your iPhone/ iPad (iOS 9+) you can check out the Nearby feature – a proximity-based search function that helps you find the hottest places right here, right now- like bars, restaurants and shops.

But why do I need to be on Apple Maps?

Your business won’t just appear on Apple Maps. Much like Google My Business, you will need to add and verify your business to ensure you appear on the map.

Don’t lose out to other businesses, add yourself to the Map now!

​​​​1. Go to Maps Connect and log in (or create a free account​)
​2. Search for your business using the search bar
​3. If you can’t find your business, click Add New Business’​
​4. Follow the prompts and enter your details as requested​​
​5. It can take up to 7 days for your business to propagate


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