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How can eMarketing drive sales?

How can eMarketing drive sales?

‘Email marketing drives more conversions than any other form of marketing.’*

Customers have an established relationship with your brand, meaning they are already more receptive, and when you target your audience properly, they are more inclined to buy your product. In a snap-shot – eMarketing is an invaluable eCommerce tool that drives revenue and increases customer retention.

So how does your business use eMarketing to drive sales?

Building up your database

Building up your database

It may sound basic but having a prominent sign-up form on your website is key to increasing your database.   A sure-fire way of doing this is by incorporating a sign-up widget in the header or footer of your home page. Another option is to create a delayed pop-up that appears once the customers has interacted with your website – you know they’re interested, so why not give them a little nudge?

We designed a beautiful sign-up form for Lorfords which displays a few seconds after landing on the website. There is a clear incentive for customers to join without being overbearing.


Now that you have a sign-up form, the next step is to encourage new sign-ups. By offering an incentive you increase your chance of attracting new and active subscribers. Even the smallest of offerings will help to boost your database. Whether it’s a discount code to use on their first purchase or invites to exclusive product launches, thinking creatively about your offer can set you apart from your competitors.

When you start to see your subscriber numbers climb, it’s your job to keep them interested. Subject line is key. It’s vital to keep subject lines engaging and eye-catching. Make them short and snappy, maybe even a little tongue in cheek.

Here a few of our favourite examples:

Humour: Your butt will look great in these workout pants (Fabletics)

Emotional: You’ve worked hard all week – treat yourself!

Offer-led: 20% off. One day left. Get cracking (J.Crew)

Personalised: Today is YOUR day (Boden)

Tip!! Use A/B testing to see how your customers interact differently with your mailers.

Send half of your database a mailer with one subject line and the other half of your database a mailer with a different heading. Learn from this information to better inform your future decisions.  

Content, content, content

Content, content, content

Once the email has been opened, you’ll need to keep the content engaging, concise and on-brand. Incorporating regular giveaways or promotions, alongside your regular content can help to keep your customers interested. When promoting products in your mailers, make sure you clearly link back to your website as much as possible via images and call to action buttons like ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Buy Now’. Call to action buttons like these (instead of text links) can increase conversion rates by as much as 28% **

By sending out regular mailers, you will keep your customers interested. Instead of sending a content heavy email once a month, think about splitting out this content into weekly instalments that will keep your customers wanting more. Stay ahead of the game with a monthly marketing calendar that will help you to plan out your eMarketing content so that you can harness key selling periods, like Mother’s Day or Christmas. Tie this in with an exciting promotion or incentive and voila, you have a recipe for success!

We are eMarketing experts. We offer tailor-made support and campaign management on our bespoke eMarketing platform to help you utilise this tool to its full potential. All of our work is backed-up with reporting so you know exactly where your investment is going. Knowing when to communicate with customers and what to say requires insight and understanding. We partner with our clients to create a strategic plan to ensure email marketing campaigns and promotions run smoothly and crucially drive business.


Interested in finding out more?

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