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Conversion Rate Optimisation and Guest Experience Enhancement for JW Lees.

Conversion Rate Optimisation and Guest Experience Enhancement for JW Lees.

Integrating table and group bookings into a customised booking flow to increase customer experience, conversion rate and operational efficiency.

As part of our ongoing partnership with independent family brewers and pub company JW Lees, we identified an opportunity to drive higher conversion rates with a custom booking flow development project, as a result of our ongoing site analysis and optimisation. We had seen a strong growth in traffic and engagement across the websites but we had identified that there was a barrier to conversion for some user groups and booking types. Following comprehensive analysis, user testing and consultation with LiveRes, we agreed to pursue a custom booking development strategy. 


To enable the on-site booking flow to accommodate both smaller table bookings and larger group enquiries, we delivered the following: 


  • A review of the existing out of the box LiveRes solution. 
  • Development of a bespoke solution by completing a LiveRes API integration and custom front end development. 
  • Removal of the barriers to booking being experienced by guests to drive conversion rate 
  • Institution of an improved user experience was incorporated. 
  • Incorporation of much greater flexibility in the UX and design of booking modal LiveRes. 


Having reviewed the audiences and the booking preferences that were contributing to challenges in the booking process, we identified the need for a better user experience particularly for guests looking to book for larger party sizes and alternate booking types eg: drinks or meetings. 


The development that was completed just prior to the pandemic placed JW Lees in a beneficial position when hospitality venues re-opened as they had a platform that enabled greater flexibility with the requirements for bookings that were enforced particularly in their outdoor areas and for group bookings. 


We have seen very positive results in the conversion rate uplift that has been achieved since the project went live and continue to work with JW Lees to ensure we are driving best in class user experience as well as growth in conversion rate and operational efficiencies for the on-site teams. 


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