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Here at Propeller we like to keep up to date with all things digital. Industry-specific technological advances, new social sharing platforms, design trends and changes in the way that a user facilitates their journey online excite us, and this year is set to be a good one!

Here are some ‘Propjections’ for the coming year that Propeller will be keeping a close eye on.

Responsive web design will continue to gain momentum and be recognised for its strengths for optimum viewing across all devices. Propeller’s existing responsive sites have already been a great hit, and there are many more to come in 2014! Take a look at these…




Mobile and tablet sales are at a high following Christmas 2013 figures and the traffic that these devices generate online are set to rival that of desktops. This is very exciting for us here at Propeller!

Visual Sharing is continuing to pioneer, in particular video content, and we see this evolving more and more over the coming year. One of the newest channels is Wordeo, a video messaging app allowing a user to turn simple words into a video story to share with friends and followers.

Advances in SEO continue and Propeller continue to provide their clients with the most localised, widely recognised optimisation, aiming to answer commonly asked questions and ‘spoken language’ search terms in our clients’ strategies, helping to make their user’s online journeys as fast and efficient as possible.

2014 is also set to be the year for strong and compelling content – we aim to continue to help our clients to curate the content that they create for the best-looking sites out there.

With the world of social media ever- moving, Propeller are really excited to see the emergence of new social sharing platforms this year and of course, seeing the activity across our own, grow! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to hear more this year!


Here is to an exciting year to come…

Happy 2014!