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How to refresh and re-engage with digital… The Roehampton Club

How to refresh and re-engage with digital… The Roehampton Club

An invaluable hub for all Club communications and resources

The Roehampton Club is South London’s premier sports and social club. Founded in 1900 the club has a long-standing history of being a top private members club for croquet, tennis and golf. We embarked on the relaunch of their website to drive digital engagement with their existing members and reach new audiences.

A key part of the project was to simplify their digital offering. Put off by their complex site structure and lengthy content members were often bypassing the site entirely in favour of booking directly with third parties. We used our UX expertise to simplify the user journey and structure the content in a way that was both accessible for the user and manageable for the in-house marketing team.

To make bookings as easy as possible we worked with The Club’s existing third parties to develop a single sign-on token. With this in place, members are now able to log into the site just once and be able to move through each of the booking flows easily.

And what did we create?

  • Expertly crafted site journey with a clear and enticing navigation to guide rather than confuse.
  • Single sign on access token allowing members to easily book all club facilities through logging into the club website once
  • Consistent experience between the public facing side of the site and the members side
  • Filterable events calendar to display all Club activities

Check out the new website here: www.roehamptonclub.co.uk