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Smash through 2017 with these top digital trends

Smash through 2017 with these top digital trends

Halfway through Q1 and with 2017 well underway, it is pretty apparent which digital trends are going to dominate the year ahead…

Apps! The new ‘electronic evolution’

With over 4.92 billion mobile users worldwide (HootSuite) mobile dependency and its integration into our lifestyle is unparalleled. 2017 will see apps continue to soar and lead as the best on-the-go consumerism tool, giving brands the power to instantly market and target their communications, whilst becoming an invaluable right arm for consumers (Forbes 1).

Hyper-personalisation via CRM

Users want to see marketing efforts tailored to their interests rather than be swamped by general marketing. Personalised emails drive 18 times more revenue (whatcounts.com) and increase brand satisfaction. Brands need to make their CRM work for them, utilising all the unique data they can gather from an individual customer journey to achieve hyper-relevant, personalised marketing. As a brand, use this data to hit your target audience with pin-point accuracy.

Big Data, big business

Worth $1.7 billion last year and set to rise to $9.4 billion by 2020 the big data market isn’t one to be overlooked. Being able to analyse large pools of data gives brands a huge advantage over their competitors. If it’s helped win elections, continually analysing and refining data can certainly help win more customers (brand watch).

Immersive marketing

50% of brands already include video as part of their marketing strategy (Digital Marketing Institute) and with video priority here to stay it’s a no brainer. There’s no limit to style of video brands can use; from VR, AR, 360, interactive and panoramic videos to simple canvas, landscape and portrait (Ogilvy & Mather), and you don’t necessarily need fancy equipment to get involved. Immersive marketing is the best way to keep customers engaged.


It’s not a new concept, but it’s one that everyone should be paying close attention to in 2017. True digital transformation is the only way of keeping on top of a technology obsessed world. Creating a digital ecosystem rather than a side by side partnership by deploying this sort of technology will ensure the best possible user experience (Forbes 2).

Did we mention ...

  • Messaging bots & Virtual Assistants, not new but definitely about to take on a new lease of life. Consumers want instant gratification and with the right kind of API’s it’s something they can have…no wonder 80% of market leaders said they were planning on chatbot or AI solutions by 2020. (Ogilvy & Mather) (The Telegraph)
  • Emojis in subject lines, believe it or not they’re boosting click rates by up to 45% for brands that use them (whatcounts.com).
  • Mobile-first indexing. Simply put, make sure you have a responsive or dynamic serving site so your content is equivalent across mobile and desktop. Why? Because Google said so. (Google Webmaster)
  • Voice SEO, in a mobile world hands-free searching is on the rise. From Amazon’s Echo to Google Home, voice-driven search results are ready to emerge into the digital spotlight. (Shutterstock)