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London Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhancing the London Cosmetic Dentistry digital experience

Aligning the best in class patient experience with a digital experience to match.

We’re excited to share our recent launch for London Cosmetic Dentistry ! We have been working with Dr Mervyn Druian, one of the founding dentists, and the team on their rebrand and have also relaunched their website on WordPress.


The design and build of a new digital presence for London Cosmetic Dentistry had a number of key objectives: 


  • Increase consumer engagement, in particular educating potential new customers about the extent of the London Cosmetic Dentistry offering 
  • Convey the practices position as a leading veneer specialist in London and focus on these terms for SEO 
  • Design and build a site that allows for an immersive content driven experience that reflects the practices authority in the dental market in London 
  • Utilise digital storytelling elements to share patient testimonials, particularly positive experiences of patients who were nervous about dental work to alleviate any potential patient concerns, in a more engaging format 
  • Deliver an excellent mobile experience to provide a tailored experience for the high proportion of mobile device users 
  • Integrate higher quality digital assets throughout the site to reflect the new redesigned digital brand 
  • Focus on CRO for bookings and enquiries to initiate new patients into the sales funnel 
  • Create a digital infrastructure that allows for future expansion and scalability to ensure the development of a future-proof solution 


The design team also completed a complete overhaul of the online and offline brand, including the creation of a new colour palette and the development of a new logo. 


With a focus on education through digital storytelling, Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation for bookings and enquiries, the site is rich with immersive content to promote unique selling propositions and patient stories. Check it out at londoncosmeticdentistry.co.uk