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Fashion and Tech make ‘Friends’

Fashion and Tech make ‘Friends’

As the technological age is in full swing, it was only a matter of time before the fashion industry had to have a run-in with technology, and this year’s fashion weeks certainly showed that. From Diane Von Furstenberg’s inclusion of Google Glass to TopShopunique.com, we have seen many brands begin to embrace the digital side of things, and whether it’s just for attention, or if it’s really a genuine interest, we’re enjoying the amalgamation.

Laura Tian’s article, though, explains that while fashion is certainly soaking up tech like a Chanel cardigan in the rain, it may just be for attention. ‘…it seems like brands are tacking-on a bit of digital in order to turn heads and gain some extra column inches,’ whereas Tian (as well as us) would certainly like to see a more constructive use of tech. Instead of seeing the integration as a chance to get in on the trend, fashion brands should be a bit more selective and make long term business centered decisions when looking at which piece of tech or software to incorporate into their branding scheme.


Meanwhile, tech is having it’s own eye on fashion, and perhaps with larger plans. Mike Butcher, for Tech Crunch, believes that ‘software is eating the fashion world.’ In his article, Butcher explains how the VCs are looking to integrate fashion startups as they are certainly ‘the new black.’ With VCs like Index Ventures offering up an $50,000 convertible note to the next fashion-tech startup, it is clear that those previously interested in the next big tech thing are starting to turn in the direction of fashion.So what will the outcome of all this mutual interest be? We don’t know, but we’ve got the popcorn ready and are eagerly awaiting that moment where the lights go dim, the curtains part, and out comes the brand new, tech savvy, fashion forward,  next big thing.