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Google can take you anywhere…

Google can take you anywhere…

Nowadays, it seems that anything and everything is possible via the internet. As long as you have a computer, you have access to the world. Literally.

We all know and love Google Street View, an interactive concept launched by Google in 2007. Starting with a handful of popular cities in the United States, Google Street View has now expanded to rural areas worldwide; allowing anyone and everyone to visit neighbourhoods and regions they never thought possible. This innovative experience is created by stitching together panoramic images captured by specially adapted cars, tricycles, and snowmobiles equipped just right by our Google friends. The end result: a rough three-dimensional model of an area that is momentarily captured and mapped. Because of our intellectual comrades, we are now able to sit behind our desks, ‘take a walk’ around a city before visiting, reminisce in our childhood streets, or stalk that special someone’s street without dishing out a single penny.

Google have now taken their Google Street View and upped the ante with the launch of Google Business Photos. Google have now opened the front doors along the streets and allow their users to step inside businesses and establishments and take a look around. We can now gauge the ambiance of a venue without the need to step foot inside. Ever wanted to visit a real sushi restaurant in Japan?  Always wondered what happens in that desolate office down the street? Well, now because of Google Business Photos, you can.

What are the benefits of Google Business Photos?

Businesses are now brought to life. Visitors are now able to get cosy, sit back, and enjoy a virtual tour from their home. This new feature is attention grabbing and offers a great first impression. Restaurants, Hotels, Salons, Gyms, Retail Shops, just about anyone and everyone can participate and feature their premises on Google. Owners can showcase their GBP on their own website, social media sites, Google Plus profiles and, of course, Google Maps. Not only will your websites get better rankings on Google because of higher click through rates, but people will no longer be bound by opening hours or location.

Moral of the story: Google have done it again, and while some venues offer us that ‘wow’ factor they so do intend, some offer us a little laugh.