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Gorgias Product Updates: Discover Gorgias Convert

Gorgias Product Updates: Discover Gorgias Convert

This October, our beloved partner Gorgias brings an assortment of treats to their loyal customers. With product updates including a new customer timeline button, AI tools, improved statistics and more, there is something for everyone.

In this article, Propeller explores the latest updates, and how they can be utilised to boost your eCommerce brand’s customer service performance.

Gorgias Convert

The highlight of October for Gorgias is definitely the introduction of their new product, Gorgias Convert. The new feature allows users to create highly targeted, personalised and proactive chat campaigns on their website. Personalised campaigns that boost revenue and customer retention. Using recommendations, special offers and discounts.

October updates...

Along with the Gorgias Convert, Gorgias have introduced a wide range of updates in response to user feedback:

  • New customer timeline button

The timeline button will now be located in the customer card, an easier-to-find area. This new format will enable brands to see any open tickets with customers- meaning tickets won’t get forgotten.

  • AI-powered contact reason suggestions

Another AI flex, this new feature will allow users to categorise inbound inquiries based on the main support-rated reason for each ticket. The Gorgias system will then automatically analyse each ticket’s content and suggest a contact reason based on its prediction model. Users have the option to accept the AI-powered suggestion or classify it as something else.

What is special about this update is that over time, as teams interact with this AI feature more, its suggestions will improve in accuracy.

  • Improved metrics in statistics

Taking on board user feedback and conducting user research has led to updates in the support performance tips and benchmarks. Design updates aim to simplify the metrics, and ‘performance tips’ should be clearer. 

  • Auto-embedded contact forms

Specifically designed for Shopify users, contact forms can now be automatically embedded directly into Shopify sites.

  • Variables in flows

The updates provide a deeper level of personalisation to automated interactions. This means you can use the customer’s flow selections in subsequent responses.

In summary

As proud partners of Gorgias and Shopify Plus, we are excited to roll out these updates for our clients.

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