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How to make your customers happy? | eCommerce

How to make your customers happy? | eCommerce

The key to sales is satisfied customers.
They have a good experience, they like the product and they’ll probably buy again. But how do you make your customers happy? 

We’ve put together a quick checklist of ways to ace that customers satisfaction.

How to make your customers happy? | eCommerce

1. Be Transparent

No one likes hidden added extras or small print that they can’t even read. When purchasing, customers don’t want to find any surprise costs once they get to the payment page. You want them to be fully committed to buy and following that purchase journey as soon as they’ve added to the cart, so be upfront about your costs!

Use it to your advantage by promoting any savings you may offer e.g. Free delivery on a multiple purchase or base basket value. Try and show them as early on in the journey as possible, be that the product page, a banner on your homepage or a content box on the basket page.

Customers shop in a range of different ways: impulse buyers, researchers, seasonal shoppers… and you can capitalise on all of them!

Look at their behaviour, make smart recommendations about the products they’ve looked at, what they’ve added to their basket/wish list – help them find the products they may not have seen and offer them a curated experience. After all customer service is valued second to none. 

Adapt your content to help cater to these different habits. Put together recommended products that work well together in a blog post and send them out in a newsletter. Inspire your customers with new ideas, think outside the box in terms of styling and show the same products in different contexts. 

Engage customers with data capture – hint at what your customers can look forward to in exchange from their email address – deals, exclusives, news, advice. 

How to make your customers happy? | eCommerce

3. Guide

Customers don’t want to have to fight their way through barrage of pages to be able to find their product and checkout. Audit your customer journey and make sure it is as seamless and simple as possible. The easier and faster it is, the more likely it is to be completed by multiple users, especially on mobile! 

Get a second opinion, and ask someone who’s never used the site before – do they know what they should be doing to get to the next stage? Do they have all the information they need? How easy is it to fill out the checkout information? 

Consider a guest checkout for customers who don’t want to make an account. You may loose additional customer data but you will get their email address and that’s all you need to follow up with them, start a relationship and encourage loyalty. 

Reduce the number of steps needed to checkout or consider putting it all on one page. These days, people are most likely looking at multiple tabs in their browser or even using multiple devices at one time – make sure the process is so easy that they could do it with their eyes closed…(almost). 

Customers will always have questions about a product, especially if they can’t physically see and touch it. Ask yourself if you are giving your customers enough information about the products on your product page – is it clear what size the item is, how it will fit? What about the rest of the process e.g. can they return the item, do you give refunds or exchange only? Make sure the information is clearly displayed on the website and for those questions that you haven’t anticipated (there are always a few…), make sure you have clearly visible contact details. A few inquisitive customers may bring something to your attention, or multiple repeat requests from different customers may show a gap in information – if you don’t want to keep supplying the same answers, consider an FAQ page.

If you don’t provide customers with sufficient information to feel secure in their purchase, then they will bounce of the site and onto another retailer that does.


and last but not least…

After all, they are the ones you’re selling to… Customer feedback is vital for growth and progression, they are a source of knowledge and letting them feel valued is a great way to further show off that fantastic customer service that you offer and show that you actually care what they think. Be informal and chatty – send a follow up email to customers after they have purchased asking about their experience, or consider using a review platform such as Feefo or Trustpilot so that customers can share their feedback publicly. A small incentive such as a discount on their next purchase or freebie is a great incentive to encourage feedback.