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In page analytics, and why it’s your new best friend

In page analytics, and why it’s your new best friend

Google Analytics is a tool that everyone in the world of online knows how to use, although most of us only scratch the surface of Google Analytics.

One of the most interesting features and perhaps most underused features is ‘In Page Analytics’.

In Page analytics enables us to see how people are moving around our websites. This is vital in putting together an online strategy as it gives you an annotated view of what people are clicking on your website, so shows you what people are engaging with and what people aren’t engaging with.

This is not only vital in assessing future online strategy, but it also gives you an overview of your current strategy and how it’s working. Are your ‘Call to Actions’ being used, are people dropping off your site on certain pages and what is your ROI?

In Page Analytics can be drilled down to 4 key metrics – Clicks, Percentages, Visitors, and viewing filter. It works in the same way as the rest of Google Analytics – you set your date range, you can compare your date ranges and see how your site is comparing to either the previous month, or previous period last year.

In Page Analytics is something used by lots of our clients, and below is a great example of how Daisy Jewellery use In Page Analytics to see how people are navigating around the homepage.


However, it does have its drawbacks….

It only works on one single domain, so if you have a multi country website you will only get data for one, and it can be quite slow! However In Page Analytics  is one of the brilliant tools available in Google Analytics and is a fantastic indicator as to where the site is performing well and where it’s performing not so well.