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Propeller at FOWD

Propeller at FOWD

This year we had the opportunity to attend the FOWD conference in London, an all round excellent conference for anyone in the web design & development community providing us talks from some of the biggest names in business:

  • Remy Sharp
  • The standardistas
  • Andy Smith – Spotify
  • John Tan – TypeDeck/Analog
  • Mark Boulton
  • Vitaly Friedman – Smashing Magazine

This gave us the opportunity to discover some of the newest developments and techniques in the industry with talks such as code literacy for designers, why Web designers and graphic designers on the web should not be afraid to delve in and get their hands dirty with some code themselves

Vitaly Friedman gave us indepth look into the responsive redesign of Smashing Magazine and working responsively without developing to specific devices. Also how designing in the browser with a lot of the elements gave them a better understanding of what it would look like especially when it came to typography.

Remy Sharp gave an excellent on how designers and developers should be in communication with each other to make all of our lives easier bringing up points such as designers explaining states of elements, understanding how elements will change throughout the users visit to your website, etc.

Throughout the entire conference there was a massive buzz about the responsive web and an abundance of information on how to get it involved in your work websites, both with the technology and the methodology of the process, but also making the point that at the minute there is no silver bullet!!

These are just the highlights for us. There were many more ground-breaking discussions both in the talks and between all of us there during the breaks etc but there is only so much space in one blog post.

If you can, make it to this conference next year. I know we will be there. Also check out some more of Future Insights events, if they are like FOWD we may have an emptier office more often.