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The Development of Artificial Intelligence

The Development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been developing rapidly… From Siri or Google Assistant predicting your daily commands based on previous web searches to driverless cars.

The scope of how AI can be implemented in our lives is almost endless. Currently, AI is limited as it is delegated to perform straight forward tasks such as facial recognition or internet searches, however it’s evident that the long term goal for AI is to develop a general AI which can assist in all aspects of daily life and even to the extent of being a vital role in security.

AI is proven to out perform humans at certain tasks such as chess but there is potential for AI to outperform humans at nearly any cognitive task.


The Development of Artificial Intelligence

Using Voice Recognition to Shop

One of the upcoming ventures of AI is using voice search to shop; the customer speaks to the brand online or via apps to answer their questions and narrow searches. 83% of surveyed consumers believe voice makes the search more efficient and 89% feel voice makes the search faster. Not only does the element of voice make search quicker and easier, 75% of users agreed it leads people to search more often.

Generally, users let a poor experience in the past deter them from using voice search in the present day. What they don’t realise, is that in recent years voice recognition technology has had a vast expansion, and voice search is becoming increasingly mainstream. Many consumers are expressing that they would already have expected Google to be intelligent enough to have mastered voice recognition with personal responses; the developing technology is definitely one to watch out for.


AI in Security

The aim of evolving AI is to increase ease and improve experience for the customer or user. AI can be extremely useful in finance as a shift in industry is now discovering; AI is being used in the field as many corporate banks allow their customers to log into their bank accounts by scanning their eyes, using voice recognition or a finger-print scan rather than the dated username and password.

It is proposed that there will be a software which monitors a person’s usual financial behaviour. If a customer receives an incoming deposit additional to their usual pattern they will be advised to either put it into savings or use it to pay off a debt. Similarly, if a person is faced with an irregular outgoing meaning they do not have enough in their account to pay off a regular bill it will suggest transferring money from a different account or savings account to avoid any overdraft charges.

The Development of Artificial Intelligence

Apple has developed a new face ID technology which features in the iPhone X. There will be no need to press any buttons or enter a passcode, you simply look at your phone, which will then project 30,000 dots on your face to create a 3D map and determine whether the person looking at the phone is the owner or a hacker. This is a compilation of using infrared and visible light to uniquely identify each individuals face.

The problem with this is that unlocking the phone then lacks ‘active intent’. Unlike with touch ID or a passcode where you need to be knowingly activating your log in, facial recognition means that the user does not necessarily need to fully participate in the authentication. In order to combat this Apple ensure that the device will have machine learning algorithms in place to detect whether a person has their eyes shut or is looking directly at the phone prior to unlocking it. They have even stated that the phone will be able to recognise a person even if they are wearing glasses.

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