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The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating

The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating

Dietary requirements have never been so prevalent or talked about than in 2016.
The latest figures from Allergy UK shows that the number of people with allergies is increasing and they are now effecting 30-35% of the population.*

Whether your vegan, gluten, dairy-free or just simply following the latest ‘clean eating instagramer’, restaurants are finally stepping up their game. Gone are the days when you long for a sandwich, but reluctantly settle for a gluten-free, substance-free meal that ultimately leaves you starving. This is also great news for the non-dietary requirement customer who can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their pizza in peace without being consistently eyeballed by their dining partner.

Restaurants are starting to listen to customers and adjust their offering, here are a few of our favourites:

The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating

Daisy Green

The Aussies have always been ahead of the game when it comes to healthy living and offering imaginative free-from alternatives. Daisy Green and Beany Green are part of the Daisy family, offering a delicious range of brunch and lunch options complete with a full allergy list. Coconut french toast, broccoli & corn fritters… where to start?!

Even our much-loved household names are getting involved in the food revolution and having their piece of the gluten-free pie.

The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating


Not only are menus changing but the online user experience is also improving and no better example of this is Zizzi. Their advanced filtering system allows you to seamlessly select your relevant dietary requirement, allowing you to not only pick one filter but multiple filters, so vegetarians who also have a food intolerances or dieters that cut out more than one food group, can easily find the dishes that matter most to them. And! there’s a sneak peak preview so you can see exactly what you’re ordering.

The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating

Pret's little veggie pop up

Joining us just around the corner in Soho, Pret’s little Veggie Pop Up is your go to venue for new and exciting veggie and vegan dishes throughout the summer. Their inspired dishes take your across the globe from  Cauli Tabbouleh Veggie Pot to Chana Chaat & Paneer Hot Wrap. Yum.

If you’re looking for a lighter food option or snack throughout the day, these two crêperies will sort you out:

The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating


Nojo offers healthy fast food using a range of ingredients such as the ever so popular matcha, dairy-free almond and rice milk for their shakes and organic, gluten-free blend flour for their crêpes. Meaning it may be fast but it is inherently nutritious and allergen friendly.

The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating

La Petite Bretagne

Sticking with the crêpe theme, our friends at La Petite Bretagne offer truly traditional crêpes from Brittany, and the good news is their buckwheat crepes are gluten and wheat-free. With a restaurant in Hammersmith and a newly opened restaurant in Clapham, they are definitely changing our perception of the classic crêpe!

The number of people with allergens is on the rise

Restaurants are not only providing more flexible options to their loyal customer base, they are seeing this as a commercially viable and profitable move. The number of customers with dietary requirements are increasing and as to are the rise of review websites for allergy-friendly restaurants such as www.canieatthere.co.uk. They offer menus filtered by allergy, customer reviews by fellow allergy sufferers and forums to compare experiences. Now more than ever is the time to showcase your allergy options online. The first step was creating a dietary-friendly menu but the next is to showcase that offering and improve your customers’ online experience.

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