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What do these three have in common?

What do these three have in common?

If Nasa, The White House and David Guetta all agree that Drupal is their platform of choice, then it might just be worth a look.

So what’s the deal with Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management framework used to create websites. Being a community driven platform, with such a wide span of contributors, it has become a highly developed and supported solution to building websites.


– The capabilities of the platform are vast and continue to expand as contributors add new module variations.

– Drupal’s software can handle a high level of content – particularly media files – without compromising on speed or quality.

– Security is a big draw, with websites requiring considerably less core updates than platforms like WordPress.

– Speed is another feature. The platform uses heavy caching to prevent the server from performing the same query twice, providing the content to the user at a fast pace. A single page or a 1,000-page site can be delivered at the same speed.

– Drupal’s development lends well to full language translations and multiple integrations providing flexible solutions, no matter what the requirement.



– One of the downfalls of Drupal is the ‘unfriendly’ user interface which is difficult to use – especially for the less tech-savvy.

But this isn’t all bad, it does mean that there are far more configuration settings than other platforms. Including permissions and image cropping from within the admin panel

A closer look at Drupal

We have a team of Drupal experts who have extensive knowledge of the platform. Our developers and project managers have worked together to create ground breaking websites, marrying advanced functionality with beautiful aesthetics.

Here are a few of our latest:

Rockliffe Hall

Rockliffe Hall

Rockliffe Hall is a five-star hotel, golf and spa resort in North East England. They came to Propeller in need of a website that would manage their extensive content and support an advanced booking system.

Using the Drupal platform, we developed complex integrations across multiple booking platforms to deliver a first of its kind, on site booking platform. We built in the capabilities for users to book hotel, golf, spa and packages on the website without being led to a third party booking system. (All systems will be live at the end of the year).

The modular structure of the framework allowed Rockliffe to feature offers, events and blog content across any promoted region. Giving the client the flexibility to create pages at their discretion, providing multiple content links and the ability to maximise cross selling.

Ocean Independence

Ocean Independence

Ocean Independence is a world leader in super yacht sales and charter. They relaunched their brand in April 2016, partnering with Propeller to translate their new brand online.

The challenge was to build a website with multiple data feed integrations to manage their extensive content in sync and at a high speed without compromising on the aesthetic.

Drupal’s modular structure allowed Ocean Independence to cross sell on the product and blog pages via the content feed at the bottom of the page. All easy to navigate and control in the CMS.



What do these three have in common?

On the itineraries page, users can interact with a number of routes mapped out across the world’s oceans on board one of their registered charters.

All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes

We teamed up with All Star Lanes to create a playful and quirky website that would work across their multiple venues. Drupal was the ideal choice for this content-heavy site to maintain high speed and high quality content.

What do these three have in common?

The flexible page templates gave each individual venue their own personality. The playful use of cinemographs and animation enhances the user-experience and adds to the whimsical nature of the site.

To sum up

Drupal is a popular CMS solution with vast capabilities that continue to expand. Flexibility is one of its greatest assets as the modular structure helps users construct websites tailor-made to their needs.

If you’re looking for a beautiful website that will hold a large amount of content at a high speed and high quality. And if you can forgive the not-so-sexy CMS, then Drupal is definitely something worth exploring.


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