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Why Enabling Customer Feedback is so Important

Why Enabling Customer Feedback is so Important


Whether you’re looking for a hotel, a new phone or even a new website *nudge nudge*, nothing is more useful than knowing what previous customers think.

Learning about other’s experiences is a great way to get an unbiased opinion and an insight into what you can expect from the brand and product/service. Helping customers to develop their own opinions and hopefully trust and confidence in the brand or product.

Four years ago, 70% of global consumers said that reviews are their second most trusted form of promotion, after word of mouth and friends. That number has since increased with more and more people looking to digital communities for advice. *

It’s not just customers that benefit from reviews –  they are crucial for brands! By getting an insight into how consumers think, brands can better adapt their sales and marketing activity accordingly. Enabling customer feedback also gives you another outlet for communication, by responding to reviews, you can build a public image and individual customer relationships at the same time.

Why Enabling Customer Feedback is so Important

“But what if they’re negative?!”

It may seem contradictory, but negativity isn’t always… negative. While the benefits of bad write-ups may seem non-existent, they legitimise positive reviews and ultimately, as long as they aren’t too plentiful, their visibility shows a brand’s commitment to listen to its customers and its willingness to accept accountability. Often a bad experience transformed into a good one generates more customer satisfaction.

“Consumers spend 4x longer on a website when they interact with good and bad reviews and are 67% more likely to convert than the average consumer.” Feefo Whitepaper*

The easiest way is to work with a 3rd party system, which has a tried and tested method of getting the core data from customers without being intrusive.

With the help of Feefo, brands can guarantee users that the reviews shown are ones they can trust. The process is easy and efficient by sending follow up emails to customers after they’ve made a purchase. The customer is asked to rate and review their experience on two levels:

1. Service
2. Products

They can select from the following options: Excellent, Good, Poor or Bad, and if they want they can add a few comments. Less than a minute later – review complete!

Why Enabling Customer Feedback is so Important

Can reviews help my SEO?

Feefo is great for your SEO as your customer reviews will be crawlable by Google and factor into your overall page ranking.  This means you will have fresh content on your site with minimal effort.

If you are running PPC campaign, your review rating will appear in stars on your SERPs listing – increasing your click through rates an average of 17%* and improving your Google quality score, driving down the cost of your ads!


Enabling customer reviews on your website involves minimal effort and budget and with potentially great returns in terms of brand awareness and conversions. If you’re interested in finding out more, we’d love to hear from you.

Psstt – Still not sure? Take a look at some Feefo feedback here:


  • http://www.feefo.com/page/Feedback+Whitepaper