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We’ve been delivering best-in-class social media marketing services for over 20 years, and we’re only getting started. At Propeller, we understand the importance of different channels, the algorithms and the requirements and goals of our clients. Working with a restaurant social media marketing agency means a guarantee on measurable results. We provide a fully-encompassing rage of services, focussing on driving brand awareness and consumer engagement through driving traffic to your website, contact and booking forms.


Our Approach as a Restaurant Social Media Marketing Agency

Our approach to social media agency for restaurants combines a dynamic approach with social media experts, to create a tailored strategy unique to each company that we work with. Understanding the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, we know that having a strong social media presence will significantly influence a restaurant’s success.

Before diving into strategies and campaigns, it’s crucial to solidify your brand identity. This encompasses your core values, mission, target audience, and personality you want to project. A strong brand identity is a compass, guiding your content creation, marketing efforts, and customer interactions. By understanding your brand identity, you can ensure all your communication resonates with your target audience and builds brand recognition.

Why Choose Propeller for your Restaurant Social Media Marketing Services?

  1. Strategy development

    We work with our clients to create tailored strategies that align with your brand’s goals, target audience and culinary niche.

  2. Content creation

    Leveraging our expertise of the hospitality industry, we can produce content that’s as tantalising as your food.

  3. Engaging copywriting

    We craft compelling captions, stories and posts that resonate with your audience and encapsulates your brand.

  4. Content calendars

    Ensure engaging content by developing detailed content calendars with us to outline posting schedules, themes and campaign ideas.

  5. Community management

    Allow us to engage with your customers and build a loyal community that returns to its favourite restaurant again and again.

  6. Performance reporting

    Monitor social media performance using social media tracking toolsto track engagement rates, follower growth and content performance.

Restaurant Social Media Marketing FAQs

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