Propeller Communications CRM


By using our CRM software you can target your offer and send more effective messages to your customers. Viewing and analysing data is made easy via our CRM platform.

Reward Loyal Customers and Drive Sales with your CRM Strategy

CRM or Customer Relationship Management means building relationships with our customers. By collecting data and analysing customers interactions, we can send more meaningful communications, build a loyal customer base and streamline the sales progress.

Create Loyal Customers

We help our clients segment, analyse and manage their customer data to deliver engaging and relevant content at the right time and in the right way. Relationships and behaviour are dynamic and it is important to constantly evolve your strategy and dialogue to remain relevant.

Managed in the right way, loyal customers can become not only people who visit your venue, but loyal brand advocates who actively promote your business through word-of-mouth (WOM) recommendations.

Encourage Brand Advocacy

Encourage Brand Advocacy

Analyse and manage customer data to create an open dialogue and reward your customers.


Our CRM platform offers a greater awareness of customer behaviour and a more accurate collection of data in order to maximise interaction with your customer database.

Integrated with our bespoke eMarketing platform as well as forms and data capture elements, our CRM platform records customer data from campaigns, Wifi and booking data.



Our segmentation software allows you can use list and subscriber data to target and filter your database into different segments and groups.


Wifi Data Integration

Free Wifi has become one of our favourite perks. You may already be offering a free Wifi service and collecting the details of customers who have opted into your communications, but what do you do with this data?

Wifi has a unique role to play as it allows us to close the loop between offline and online customer engagement. Propeller’s CRM software extracts this Wifi data so that we can map out customer patterns and build on this information to create meaningful campaigns.

Booking Data Integration

Our Booking Integration feature gives you the tools to identify subscribers who have previously made a booking at your venue. You can use this information to create targeted campaigns that shout about your seasonal and promotional activity.

Single Customer View

Our Single Customer View provides visibility across multiple channels, helping you better understand your customers’ behaviour. Improving your service levels, customer retention and encouraging customer loyalty.

Campaign Activity

By using our Campaign Activity feature, you can access your past campaign information, including subscriber behaviour and interaction data. You can easily view and analyse reports with important statistics in order to understand what your subscribers respond and react to and which content works best for you.

CRM Dashboard

CRM Dashboard

A flexible and easy-to-you solution providing insight into your customers’ behaviours.