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Our flexible eMarketing platform enables our clients to create their own mailers, target conversions, manage their database and drive sales.

Communicate with your customers via stylish and targeted email marketing.

Knowing when to communicate with customers and what to say requires insight and understanding. We partner with our clients to create a strategic plan to ensure email marketing campaigns and promotions run smoothly and crucially drive business.

Our eMarketing Platform

Our eMarketing platform offers bespoke mailer templates that are highly customisable for each client with an insightful and easy to use reporting system to support each clients digital strategy.

This approach enables each brand's ability to drive online bookings and sales by maintaining customer relationships and harnessing the power of a strong social presence.

Youngs & Geronimo

Youngs & Geronimo

Youngs & Geronimo use strong graphics and imagery and clear calls to action in their email marketing to drive traffic to their website.


Email Marketing

Our eMarketing platform has a multitude of great features which are both useful and insightful.

  • - Pick styles and sizes in the easy to edit text regions to display your content.
  • - Add images and graphics.
  • - Hyperlink text and encourage recipients to click through on each article's interest points and drive traffic to each website.
  • - Create clear and prominent call-to-actions with button regions to link back to core parts of each website.
  • - Manage the background colour or image to suit the mailer topic - or season!
  • - Personalise the mailer with custom name and date fields. Create automated birthday and welcome mailers to maintain customer relationships.
  • - Insert dynamic social media features for recipients to share news through Facebook and Twitter.
  • - A/B test subject lines and experiment with customers to see what they respond to.
  • - Create individual pre headers following the subject line to further summarise the content and entice customers to open the mailer.
Estella Bartlett

Estella Bartlett

Estella Bartlett use a sale focused email marketing strategy, and have seen their highest click through rate yet.


Our reporting platform gives insightful analysis so that our clients can learn about their customers in a whole new way. We provide charts and graphs to highlight important statistics in a clear way.

This feature provides a comprehensive summary about subscribers including a customisable graph where data can be segmented by group. It is a straightforward process to import subscribers and create custom lists based on behaviour for both eMarketing and ecommerce.

Click / open rate
Our platform has the ability to show exactly how each mailer performed including open and click through rates, forwards, social activity, unsubscribers, email clients breakdown and a world map.

Click activity
Discover click rates, clicks per person, total, unique and more in the reporting area. See a full breakdown of the most popularly clicked regions on your mailer and find out how many people clicked, which web page they visited.

View all recipients, those who opened, clicked, shared, and unsubscribed, and those whose email address bounced the mailer. Also report on what device was used the most and which email platforms proved most popular for subscribers.

Estella Bartlett


View the success of email marketing through the Propmail dashboard. From device information to email clients – it has everything you need to know.

Responsive Email Campaigns

Responsive email campaigns mean that emails will work on any device at any time. Emails will no longer be constrained to fixed resolutions.

Emails will no longer be confined to a desktop computer hidden away in the unused home office & it will no longer be scanned through as a quick distraction while at work.

Emails will be reachable to anyone, anywhere on any device.

Rockliffe Hall

Rockliffe Hall

Rockliffe Hall's responsive email marketing gives the user a much simpler experience, enabling them to engage with the core message.