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Coco di Mama

Interactive design at its best

No templates here

Choosing your lunch at Coco Di Mama is an interactive event: you pick your pasta, your toppings and make it your own. We set out to make the site feel like a visit to one of their locations.

With a combination of modern design and interactive tech, we did just that. Now you can design your lunch before you even step through their door. From meatballs to mushrooms and penne to serpentini – it’s all there (our favourite is rigatone).

Power your day

Things change

Coco Di Mama like to mix things up. Their menu changes, so their site needs to as well.

WordPress was the perfect match for the team at Coco Di Mama. It’s easy to use, flexible and gives them the room to grow. Plus, we know more than most about WordPress – so we knew how to mould it into the perfect online destination for the team.

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