The Opportunity

Keeping customerseducated and informedwith Pocari Sweat

The Opportunity

Pocari Sweat is an electrolyte drink created by one of Japan’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Otsuka. Taking inspiration from the replenishing properties of IV solutions, Otsuka was determined to produce a delicious functional drink that restored the body while being accessible to everyone.

Since launching, Pocari Sweat has been the go-to drink for active people in over 20 countries and regions worldwide for over 40 years. Their launch into the US markets has been nothing short of a triumph, and we are constantly looking for ways to continue their success.

The Pocari Sweat US team came to Propeller looking for a way to boost their digital outreach. With a focus on improving the post-purchase user experience, we decided to upgrade their email strategy.

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****Our approach****

Our approach

We worked with the Pocari Sweat US team to build a monthly newsletter. Pocari Sweat wanted to connect with its customers and build relationships while informing them about the plentiful benefits of its flavoursome electrolyte products.

We kicked off the project by building themes that enabled Pocari Sweat to educate their customers and reiterate the health benefits of consuming their tantalising drink. From hydration hacks to common misconceptions, Pocari Sweat planned to place their drink at the heart of their newsletter campaigns.

Using Klaviyo to design and distribute the newsletters, our copywriting team got to work on creating dynamic content for the newsletters. Being mindful of the U.S. audience, we ensured American English was used in the copywriting to target the main customer base.

Starting the newsletters in September, each month has brought us more insightful results and data to analyse. The data collected from open rates, number of conversions and more has informed our content strategy going forward.


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The Results




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