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A Wordpress Digital Relaunch Fresh Mexican flavour online

We worked with Wahaca to create a fresh new website using their recently updated branding. With a focus on developing the content for each of their locations and making the site easily navigable, we launched the new Wahaca website earlier this year.

Nothing lost in translation

Nothing is more important for the Wahaca team than opening up the UK to the colours and flavours of Mexico. One of the primary aims of the project was the make the food as accessible as possible to their audience. Based on the popularity of their Instagram account we create a picture menu so users can really get a sense of each of Wahaca’s delicious dishes. Just a quick click through takes you to the full menu listing, complete with dietary filters and easy to navigate sub menus.

Driving conversions on mobile

With over 65% of traffic hitting the site being mobile we priorised the design of regions that would scale down beautifully, without losing the impact of the graphic and bold design. With locations throughout the UK, we know Wahaca’s users are on the go and looking for their nearest restaurant.

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