24 January 2023

Balancing human connection and AI

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Balancing human connection and AI
Annabel GibsonWritten ByAnnabel Gibson

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Walking the tightrope between human connection and AI

From chatbots to mobile apps that process orders at the press of a button, Artificial Intelligence has proven itself as a technological advancement that is here to stay. However, digitising elements of life that enable human interaction creates a tightrope for brands, balancing human connection and AI.

The past decade has been monumental for AI innovation. From 2010, it has embedded into our day-to-day existence. Currently, we generate more data every couple of hours than we did from the dawn of time to 2003.

Looking towards AI in 2023, consider the following:

  • 28% of people completely trust AI, while 42% claim to generally accept it.
  • 83% of companies consider using AI in their strategy to be a high priority.
  • Over 60% of consumers are willing to submit their data to AI to improve their experience.

In this article, Propeller explores the uncapped potential of AI, while understanding the importance of maintaining a balance alongside human connection.

The benefits of AI


The greatest benefit of incorporating AI into your brand is the increased efficiency. In fact, 54% of executives say that implementing AI in their workplace has increased productivity.

In the modern era, it is harder to find a company that does not use any AI, rather than one that does. The challenge is now to find a way of balancing human connection and AI that increases efficiency while maintaining a human touch.


AI can take a number of forms, simplistic FAQ pages and advanced chatbots boost efficiency through evaluation.

Providing customers with an ‘always-on’ platform enables assistance beyond the 9-5 of workers. This provides presence and assistance with common requests, which is beneficial during holidays or company breaks.


Another benefit of AI is its potential to make products and services smarter and more effective. Optimised chatbots, customer service menus and delivering better product menus are all strengthened with the continued use of AI tools.

AI can also analyse data at a faster rate, uncovering patterns that humans may not notice.

As a website development agency with over 20 years experience in creating unique digital experiences for brands, Propeller can boost your brands capabilities. Our approach to website and digital development streamlines AI into a seamless customer experience.

The importance of human interaction


Human interaction is a foundational pillar for building relationships between a business and its customers. Establishing trust and granting the nuances of customer individual needs and expectations. Strong customer service garners a higher potential to increase customer retention and loyalty to a brand.


In a world of robot concierges and contactless services, a human element goes a long way. According to Hospitality Net, many customers in the hospitality industry prefer human interaction.

This accounts for situations that technology cannot handle alone. The nuances of human conversation bring empathy to situations that AI cannot. While AI continues to develop at a daily rate, human-to-human communication should not be lost.

In summary

AI is an unstoppable force, and one companies should utilise to advance their brand. But humans crave social interaction, and there are circumstances that AI cannot replace. Automation should be used to complement human-to-human interaction, rather than replace these interactions entirely.

Customers interact with businesses across multiple channels. When deciding strategy for each channel, brands must consider the customers’ motivations and tailor accordingly.

It is clear AI is now a key player in boosting a brand and elevating it beyond its competitors. Now that it has established itself as a must-have rather than an optional extra, the journey ahead for how AI can go even further than its already far-reach is to be determined.


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