10 January 2024

Dry Jan in 2024: Why it’s not about giving up on pubs

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Dry Jan in 2024: Why it’s not about giving up on pubs
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At the beginning of every year, there comes a tidal wave of new year’s resolutions. Committing to lifestyle changes, spending more time with family, prioritising yourself… and then there’s Dry Jan. Not a commitment to cease alcohol consumption forever, instead, just one month. 

Whether saving money after a frivolous Christmas, to being healthier or just to see if you can do it, taking on the challenge is great for the individual. However, this article is about the sector that is impacted most. In this article, Propeller explores the impact of Dry Jan on hospitality venues in 2024- and it’s not all bad.

Dry Jan in 2024

Support for pubs doesn’t only come in the form of alcoholic beverages. The range and quality of non-alcoholic offerings in the UK has never been better, with some now available on tap in pubs.

It is estimated that 7.8m pints of non-alcoholic beer will be sold in pubs this month, with publicans urging teetotallers to make a trip to venues to explore their alternative offerings.

A tough Christmas

After a December disrupted by a series of railway strikes, one in three restaurant and pub bookings were cancelled over one of the busiest seasons for hospitality. UKHospitality said these cancellations made venues lose out on £2.3bn in takings. 

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the BBPA, said pubs had endured a “torrid” Christmas and would need the support of their punters in the difficult months to come.

Some silver linings

In 2024, Non-alcoholic alternatives have established a place in most venues. Some 85% of pubs serve alcohol-free beers now, according to the British Beer and Pub Association.

The public house is so much more than a watering hole. Without alcohol, it remains a warm and inviting space to catch up with friends and family, get out of the house and unwind after a long day at work. With the extensive number of alcohol alternatives now available at pubs, Dry Jan is the perfect opportunity to try new drinks and enjoy the culinary delights on offer. 

For hospitality venues taking on Dry Jan, it’s time to incorporate it into your strategy, both digitally and physically. 

From a digital perspective, highlighting special mocktails for the month and alcohol-free drinks in your marketing will remind customers that the pub remains a great option even if they are choosing not to consume alcohol.

Where does Dry Jan come from?

Beginning in 2013 the first Dry Jan only had 4000 participants. However, interest in the event spread like wildfire and now hundreds of thousands of people take part every year. Improved sleep, better mental health and enriched relationships are a few benefits noted by those who participate.

In summary

The emergence of quality non-alcoholic beverages signals a changing consumer preference. Approximately 7.8 million pints of non-alcoholic beer are expected to be sold during Dry Jan, proving the growing market for alcohol-free choices.

The hospitality industry should address and engage with Dry Jan, incorporating it into its strategy digitally and physically. As Dry Jan continues to grow in popularity, hospitality venues should seize the opportunity to diversify their offerings. 

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