27 December 2023

Top 2024 Search Trends to Look Out For in the New Year

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Top 2024 Search Trends to Look Out For in the New Year
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Annabel is the Marketing Coordinator at Propeller, taking on the production of social media communications, creating copy for articles and contacting external agencies for collaborations.

2023 welcomed AI-powered search and a significant evolution of the SERPs with the introduction of Google’s Search Generative Experience and Bing Copilot.

We have also seen Google introduce a new AI model, Gemini, which can understand a range of mixed media- from text and code to images and video.

Leading the way for innovation in search, Google has released algorithm updates to improve the quality of content and page experience continually.

For those who have seen multiple articles this year about AI- is it wise to use it for content creation, or not? Well, we are here to tell you that it is acceptable to utilise this technology, as long as it is relevant to your brand and offers genuine value to readers.

Find out our top trends to finesse your SEO strategy below…

Quality content strategy

Make 2024 the year that you optimise your content- old and new. Here are a few things to add to the top of your priority list:

  • Locate and fill content gaps to boost your website’s expertise.
  • Review past and present content performance to understand which topics your audience prefers.
  • Personalise content based on your user’s intent and touchpoints.
  • Create and optimise helpful content. Make it topical, informational, localised and visual.

As we have stressed before, making sure you E-E-A-T is key. Publishing content with subjects relevant to your audience in areas that your company is a bonafide expert in will serve you well.

Another important area to consider when creating your content strategy is to understand the specific topics and questions your audience is searching for and where they are looking for this information. Companies that receive brand mentions and back-links from well-respected sources will perform well.

Personalise the experience

Towards the latter part of 2023, Google introduced a personalised search experience for users, including a ‘follow’ button that gives searchers more information about what they find important directly in their search results.

Give customers personalised experiences based on who they are, what they are looking for and where they are coming from. This means building a tighter integration with your Customer Data Platform and CRM systems.

Critical strategies to win in 2024 include clean data, audience segmentation, and data-driven campaigns to personalise experiences.


Google’s search results are now heavily shaped by user interaction and engagement. Expert-level content that meets the needs of searchers is rewarded by the search engine.

In 2024, aim to improve the quality and experience of your content for searchers.

Local strategy

Personalise, localise and make it experiential. For brands that have a local presence, adding localised experiences will build expertise, engagement and traffic to your website. 

Here are some content areas to consider:

  • High-quality images (with descriptions!)
  • Videos
  • Local posts

From a company’s landing page to engagement across all channels, the entire local strategy must be optimised.

Harness a multichannel approach

Make sure your brand is visible on all relevant platforms, and keep consistent. Taking advantage of any opportunities means optimising the customer journey across various channels and content types:

  • FAQs
  • News and Insights
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Images

In summary

Ready or not, 2024 is arriving soon. Utilise the trends and strategies from our article to prioritise and align your company’s cross-functionally.

Get in touch with us to map out your digital transformation in 2024.

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