10 June 2016

The new Gin on the block

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The new Gin on the block
Mark LillicrappWritten ByMark Lillicrapp

As Propeller's Technical Director, Mark is responsible for developing digital policy and strategy, implementing infrastructure and leveraging technology to help Propeller and its amazing clients achieve their goals.

Hailing from a distillery in northern Italy, malfy gin is made using lemons grown only on the Amalfi coast and Sicily. It’s unique blend of citrus and 5 botanicals make it ideal for a cheeky post-work drink or 2.

Our New York team were delighted to launch the new site for Malfy Gin in May 2016.

The site’s slick one-page layout reflects the colours and culture of a lazy afternoon on the Med and the design is completely responsive across both mobile and desktop devices. Each copy region showcases a different element of the gin’s history and there are even some recipes to get you in the mood.

With full bleed high-resolution imagery, it’s hard to draw yourself away from day dreaming of an Italian escape… But, once you’ve woken up and realised you’re sitting at your desk on a dreary Monday afternoon, the bold “BUY MALFY” call to action will instantly grab your attention. With one click, US customers are drawn to their point of purchase at the Reserve Bar through the clever use of a geolocator. UK and international users are given a choice of distributors in the last region. Aperitivo anyone?

Malfy Gin is an easy-to-navigate site for techies and technophobes alike. With the sticky scroll navigation, footer and clean hamburger menu, the site is designed with a smooth user experience in mind. Malfy’s social feeds are never far away and visitors can keep up to date with launches, tastings and offers on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Pinterest.

There is no getting away from the fact that it’s a great new product shaking up the market and we were delighted to launch the site for our client across the pond. See more for yourself here: www.malfygin.com


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