18 January 2018

Showcasing the leading student accommodation brand online… Hello Student

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Showcasing the leading student accommodation brand online… Hello Student
Lauren PitmanWritten ByLauren Pitman

Lauren is the Lead Project Management at Propeller, responsible for creating great client-relationships and delivering results on-time.

A online portfolio to showcase the best luxury student accommodation.

Hello Student a leading student accommodation provider, operating in 30 cities across the UK. Propeller partnered with Hello Student at a pivotal time for their brand. They were expanding rapidly, however their website and online presence was not reflecting their success online.

Not only was their website unable to expand with them as a brand, the user journey on their previous site was overly complex, with the journey from landing on the site to being able to book a room, being far too lengthy.

Our main objective when designing the new website was to make the booking process much more accessible; and in turn, increase conversions on the site.

Another main focal point was to promote the lifestyle element of the brand. We wanted to create a sense of what it’s like to become a part of the Hello Student community.

And what did we create?

A highly scalable website built on WordPress, with full CMS control to grow alongside the business and encompassing a slick user experience throughout as well as a seamless booking flow.

Flexibility to create bespoke City landing pages and add new properties to the website in real-time.

Through the use of embedded cookies, we introduced an intuitive ‘Welcome back, you recently viewed’ region allowing returning visitors to make a booking with one-click.

A centralised ‘Lifestyle’ hub with engaging video content, student testimonials and customisable promotional regions.

We also ensured the design of the site elevates the fantastic imagery Hello Student have across all of their cities and properties.

Take a look around: www.hellostudent.co.uk

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