21 June 2014

The Eagle has landed

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The Eagle has landed
Annabel GibsonWritten ByAnnabel Gibson

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The Eagle, the first ever gastropub, is now online

The Eagle, located on Farringdon Road in London, is widely credited as being the original ‘gastropub’. It was pioneering in the food-in-pubs revolution when it opened its doors in 1991, offering the sort of skills, ingredients and dishes only found in the best restaurants in town, within a truly egalitarian and good value pub.

Propeller have just brought The Eagle online for the first time, creating a beautiful digital representation of this legendary pub. The stunning responsive design provides a great visual representation of the interior, the exterior and food. The website also outlines the pubs rich history, featuring an ‘Alumni’ page which focuses on its  impressive roster of past-chefs, many of whom have since had a big impact on London’s food industry.

A unique aspect of the pub are its changing daily menus. To accommodate for the freshness and immediacy of The Eagle’s menu, the chef chalks up the changing daily menu on a blackboard 2, sometimes 3 times a day. The Eagle’s website features an Instagram feed which is used to publish the menus as they change.



(Why not swing by 159 Farringdon Road too – we definitely recommend trying their famous Steak Sandwich!)

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