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Unparalleled customer engagement platform

CM.com is a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce. Together, we strive to make every conversation count, instantly connecting companies with their customers and outperforming expectations with their software.

We work towards creating best-in-class communication and payment platforms, empower marketing functions, sales and customer support. We automate engagement with customers across multiple channels, provide streamlined payment capabilities that drive sales, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Unparalleled customer engagement platform


CM.com fosters seamless interactions between businesses and their customers by providing a centralised platform for communication across various channels. This includes popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Apple Business Chat, alongside traditional SMS and voice calls. This allows businesses to connect with their customers on their preferred platforms, fostering stronger relationships.

A range of tools to reach your audience...

  1. Customer data platform

    Generate fully-scoped customer profiles by combining data from all of your online and offline sources.

  2. Campaigns

    Boost the open rate of mobile marketing campaigns and reach a wider audience.

  3. Pages

    Build mobile-responsive landing pages that support your marketing campaigns.

  4. Email campaigns

    Design and automate personalised email campaigns that convert, all in one place.

  5. Voice campaigns

    Use CM.com’s Text-2-speech or send pre-recorded voice messages to add a personal touch to your campaigns.

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