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For over 10 years, alongside Oracle, we’ve empowered businesses to gain competitive advantage and accelerate their digital transformation journey.


We help companies adopt new business models, drive efficiencies, augment your revenue streams, reduce costs, and optimise your operations through a broad range of Oracle services.


Oracle Hospitality Integration Platform (OHIP)

We create complete visibility as well as accelerated product development for our clients, helping them to meet the demands of today’s hospitality customers. With OHIP, you gain a centralised and consolidated view of your data as well as functionality within OPERA Cloud PMS. This enables innovations that not only improve operations and guest experiences but are also available in a matter of days and weeks rather than months and years.

Self-service Kiosks

We help clients elevate customer experiences while maximising revenue opportunities, through self-serve kiosks. We work with you to create an experience that speeds up the order process, increases spend, reduces wait time and incentivises customer loyalty. 


OPERA Web Services (OWS)

We think customer-first always we help you improve guest experiences by making sure all your systems talk to each other and exchange data seamlessly. OPERA Web Services acts as a bridge between OPERA PMS and any other software systems you might use, such as online booking platforms, CRM systems, and third-party integrations.

Our Work

The Royal Airforce Club

The Royal Airforce Club came to Propeller looking for a complete redesign of the online experience as well as a booking system that enabled members to make reservations through mobile and desktop.

The Celtic Collection

The Celtic Collection came to Propeller looking to redesign their online experience and establish specific online presences for each venue to reflect their individual stylings.

Hall & Woodhouse

With a plan to accentuate amazing locations and nearby attractions as part of the package, Hall & Woodhouse came to Propeller to develop their venues offerings online.

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