The Opportunity

Reaching NewHeights with The Royal Airforce Club

The Opportunity

The Royal Airforce Club is a members-only community that offers a prestigious home away from home for Officers of the Royal Air Force and their families. A treasured place that feels lost in time, where traditions and camaraderie reign, the club boasts fine dining, delightful accommodations, an exceptional library, a business suite and fitness centre and special events for members to enjoy.

Wanting to update their digital experience and enhance the membership experience online, The Royal Airforce Club came to Propeller looking for a complete redesign of the online experience and a booking system that enabled members to make reservations on their phones as well as desktops.

ClientThe Royal Airforce Club
IndustryMembers Clubs
****Our approach****

Our approach

Previously, not all bookings were available online, making it difficult for the Royal Airforce Club’s valued members to make reservations. We were given the challenge of upgrading their booking platforms and integrating all of their previous systems into one seamless package. 

To build a fully immersive membership experience online that equated to the membership experience in-person, we worked closely with Concept, ResDiary & Opera/OWS to integrate their APIs and create a fully white-labelled solution. We provided new solutions, including image management for rooms and allowing members to add an external guest to their room booking. 

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The Results

We enabled members to have a single login and create bookings from within their booking portal. Members are now able to create and cancel room bookings online on any device, from desktop to mobile to tablet. Finally, we integrated all of The Royal Airforce Club's platforms so that member profiles were kept updated and in sync.

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